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  1. WOW!
    Who is this amazing guy?
    Is he still around now?

  2. hi its pierre you are so handsome and amazing bravo i love it more please !!

  3. shepherdray45 says:

    whats that move called where you balance on one hand?

  4. asianregion says:

    incredible!! oww my back hurts!!

  5. pegaso1956 says:

    Esse cara é fantástico! deve ser um yogi muito dedicado! parabéns!

  6. quieromovie says:


    Does someone know the title of the song playing in the background?

  7. quieromovie says:

    Please, someone tell me the name of this song.

  8. kannanrad says:

    The song is gayatri mantra

  9. Bhaktiyogin says:

    In the Ashtanga vinyasa advanced series, I believe it’s called Pungu Mayurasana or wounded peacock.

  10. why is the floor covered in grated cheese??


  11. why are they always showing young boys doing this kind of twisting. Is it only for them and not for older people?
    With all that Yoga why is India so bad in sports?

  12. boomashka says:

    he is great yogi with amzing gift

  13. Bambuchi24 says:

    der kann sich bestimmt selbst einen blasen xDD

  14. Im feeling really stiff right about now. lol

  15. its not cheese its flower pettles..

  16. @themonillo you are so ignorant

  17. PG1990SAH says:

    this cant be good for your back lol