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  1. YogaRamaMama says:

    Great video and commentary on the benefits of the poses for the mommy-to-be and baby.

  2. I love this prenatal vid. notice how i said vid? that’s me trying to be cool. moms can be cool, too.

  3. itzyomababii21 says:

    i love this video, it is so helpful and explanatory!

  4. nice video, it helped lessen backpains and stress. tnx, it helped me a lot…

  5. thank you soooo much!!!

  6. PlatonicAmore says:

    i think i’ll try these tonight!

  7. nannabran13 says:

    Ive been having a lot of cramping in my muscles even at early stages of my pregnancy and this video really helped me loosen up my back and sholders now i feel so much better and liek i can be more active!

  8. ribbygottodo says:

    great vid. It really helps with my back pain. I love your music too!

  9. Most of these exercises are not safe if you suffer from herniated disk, be careful.

  10. sedelman2 says:

    this narrator has such a raspy voice!

  11. sunflowergal84066 says:

    The poses were great! I’m excited to try this now and work into it for the next kiddo. Any idea where they got their maternity work out clothes?