Premature ejaculation is mainly occurred during old age in males. But the investigation by doctors said that now a day’s premature ejaculation is also faced by every young male as they do sexual intercourse in early age. Premature ejaculation means discharge quickly before get into the vagina. Premature ejaculation means not satisfying their partner on bed. Premature ejaculation is the commonest problem faced by males once in their in life.

Premature ejaculation makes life hell and frustrated because of unsatisfied sex. Premature ejaculation can destroy the marriage life because sometimes discharge quickly that man cannot have sex. Premature ejaculation can cause problem in fertility as man unable to do sexual intercourse. Premature ejaculation can be caused by two major factors physical and psychological like stress, depression, lack of sleep, restless, lack of confidence and lower level of testosterone. There are number of treatments to deal with the premature ejaculation. Many sex pills or antibiotics are offered to deal with the premature ejaculation. But these pills can caused many problems like excess sweating, weight loss, insomnia, nasal problem and fatigue. So avoid consuming these pills. Premature ejaculation also caused by excess consuming of hard drinks, smoking and drugs.

There are some exercises to deal with the premature ejaculation

Exercises are the best and easy way to deal with premature ejaculation or any other sexual problem. By doing exercises you will remain healthy throughout your life. Exercises give us energy and increase the sex stamina. Performing exercises also increases the lower level of testosterone. It also gives proper flow of blood to the penis as well as improves the blood circulation of the body.

Secondly yoga is also the very effective and natural treatments to deal with the premature ejaculation. By performing nude yoga increase the sexual power. Nude yoga postures increase your confidence. Yoga also helps to improve your stamina and delaying discharge.

Breathing exercises also helps in delaying the premature ejaculation. By having sexual intercourse you have to take deep breathe and be calm this will help you in delaying the premature ejaculation.

Masturbation is also good to increase the sex ability and also help in delaying the premature ejaculation. Masturbation can be done by yourself or by your girl partner. Masturbation can be done only by dry hands. Masturbation is the very effective technique to control premature ejaculation and done by every men these days.

The start stop technique is also good to control premature ejaculation. It can be done only by female partner. Tell your partner to hold your penis from the base and start moving up downwards movements. It can be done until man gets discharge. When man gets discharge then this feeling or excitement stops for few seconds and then tries again. This will help you to control the premature ejaculation.

Another technique is squeeze method it also helps in controlling the premature ejaculation. This exercise is performed by your female partner. Squeeze method means hold penis and do masturbation when man about to release then female partner has to lick the penis form the tip and base of the penis. This technique helps in controlling the premature ejaculation.

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