preventions and precautions in yoga poses - How to Avoid Injuries in Yoga

Immense benefits of yoga have always encouraged people to start off with the regime and acquire a clutter free mind and healthy body. Although it is ok to practice yoga at home, injuries and other problems are inevitable. It is vital to take some precautions always while practicing yoga.

This is very important to achieve good results so that you are capable to avoid negative aspects of yoga.

Prevention and Precautions in Yoga

Here are some precautions that you can take prior to start practicing yoga:


Strictly avoid practicing yoga on bare ground or bed. Buy a yoga mat before you start practicing asanas.

Right Way

Practicing yoga the right way will never give you any side effects. Make sure you maintain the rhythm of breathing and the movements of body parts. Not doing pranayama or asanas properly may get some negative results. So learn yoga properly prior to practicing and gather knowledge and information from right sources.


Special guidance is important while practicing yoga especially for beginners. So practice in front of a teacher or genuine yoga videos.

Health Problems

Pranayamas will help you get rid of blood pressure, asthma, blood sugar, and a variety of health problems. However, if you are facing a health problem or taking medications, it is crucial to consult your health care practitioner before starting off with exercises or quitting medications.

How to Avoid Injuries in Yoga

Do not Strain

Do not strain yourself a lot. Stop if you feel unbearable pain or exhausted at once. Also avoid practicing strenuous or tough poses you are not recommended.

Peaceful Environment

The room or space you practice yoga in should be extremely peaceful. Practicing yoga in a quiet place will have positive effects on mind, body and soul.

Empty Stomach

Yoga should be practiced in an empty stomach or in a gap of 3-4 of having food. Also don’t consume anything solid until two hours of practicing yoga.


It is important to keep a watch on your diet while practicing yoga. You need to increase intake of vegetables and fruits. Also drink at least 8 – 10 glasses of water daily.


Remember that yoga will not benefit you if you do not maintain a routine. So practice yoga daily without fail before expecting results.

Last but not the least; yoga is not a quick fix solution. You need to practice patience and be consistent to get good results.

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