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There are many different forms of yoga and Power yoga is one of them. Power Yoga is a fitness-based vinyasa practice. An offshoot of Ashtanga Yoga, it has many of the same qualities and benefits, including building internal heat, increased stamina, strength, and flexibility, as well as stress reduction. Teachers design their own sequences, while students synchronize their breath with their movement.

Power yoga is a term coined in the West and it describes a vigorous fitness based approach to the Vinayasa style of yoga. The word “power” in the phrase describes the intensity this kind of yoga involves.

Most of the exercises in Power yoga are modeled on the Ashtanga style of yoga. Both these kinds of yoga (Power and Ashtanga) use the Vinayasa poses.

Vinayasa poses link together the principal poses in a yoga class. Unlike other forms of yoga, Power yoga does not follow any particular sequence. This means that any Power yoga class can vary widely from the next. Variety is the key difference between this form of yoga and the others. This form of yoga works with free flowing power yoga poses. This kind of yoga helps to increase one’s strength and flexibility. It also helps in building one’s stamina. The different Power yoga poses make power yoga workouts very challenging and also put one’s mental, physical and emotional abilities to the test.
More About Power Yoga: This term ‘power yoga’ was coined somewhere in the mid 1990s, when yoga teachers in America were looking for ways to make yoga accessible to yoga students in their country. But unlike Ashtanga yoga, this form of yoga does not follow any set pattern of postures. So no two power yoga workouts are the same. Power yoga asanas are interesting and different and very popular in the gyms of America.

Yoga teachers Bryan Kest and Beryl Bender Birch are often credited for creating power yoga. Though they need not major change only populating major concepts of Yoga in west. Both these teachers had studied Ashtanga yoga under the master Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, who was original proponent of power yoga long before Beryl Bender. Power yoga exercises are intense and free flowing while the traditional yoga exercises are about meditation and stretching. Baron Baptiste is another name associated with power yoga. He has his own unique style and this is taught by certified teachers.

Power yoga practices can vary from one teacher to the other. Power yoga exercises generally appeal to people who are already physically fit and enjoy exercising.

Power Yoga Practice

Power yoga moves and exercises have been invented to strengthen the whole body and develop on a person’s willpower. These workout are known to burn calories, improve the muscle mass, reduce fat and increase the Basal Metabolic Rate. People often do power yoga for weight loss. It is generally recommended to do power yoga workout about thrice a week and for 45 minutes each time. Before you start doing power yoga postures to burn calories, you may want to speak with a medical practitioner.

Power yoga is an impressive form of practice with very stimulating styles. This is of course, the American way of doing Ashtanga yoga or their interpretation of it. The core of Power yoga is about a vigorous workout that builds muscles and gets people to sweat. This form of yoga is not for calm, mild or moderate yoga students, and for those who love a fast-paced workout. It is also advised to learn this form of yoga from a qualified Power yoga teacher and not attempt it on their own.

In power yoga, the practitioners hardly stop between the poses and the practice happens in one smooth flow. This is quite like a forceful and powerful aerobic regimen. Power yoga is quite popular with sports enthusiasts who enjoy a strenuous workout and like exercises that can balance various muscle groups.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is commonly known as just “yoga”. This kind of yoga is also referred to as Hatha Vidya which means the knowledge of hatha. This type of yoga has originated from the healing traditions of India. Hatha is made up of two words: “ha” meaning sun or the solar channel. This refers to the masculine active energy. “Tha” means the moon or lunar channel which represents the feminine, receptive energy. The two words when combined together mean forceful. Yoga means to yoke or join two things together. Hatha yoga therefore means the joining of the masculine and feminine energy together.

Power yoga workouts are designed to strengthen the entire body, develop one’s willpower and to fortify one’s mental outlook. Such workouts help to burn calories, increase the Basal Metabolic Rate, improve lean muscle mass and reduce the fat content in one’s body as well. It is advisable to do such a workout at least 3 times a week. The work out should last for about 45 minutes.

Do check with your medical practitioner before starting out on this workout.

The Ashtanga form of yoga was made popular by K. Pattabhi Jois. This kind of yoga involves synchronizing one’s breath with a progressive series of yoga postures. Ashtanga yoga is a vigorous form of yoga. This form of yoga is traditional and is popular with many athletes.

Power Yoga is one of the impressively stimulating Yoga styles that, primarily, is the result of the American interpretation of Ashtanga Yoga. Power Yoga is the ultimate sweat generating, muscle-building vigorous workout. Power Yoga exercises are not for the mild, calm or even moderate types of students. It is certainly not for those coming it from a beginner’s point. They too would be well advised to be careful about throwing themselves into it without very good instruction. Ideally, a good Power Yoga teacher can cater to such newcomers, too.

As against other forms of Yoga, in core power yoga there is very little or almost no stopping between yoga poses. For this reason, it is a powerful and forceful aerobic workout regimen. A lot of sports enthusiasts take up Power Yoga because of its ability to balance opposing muscle groups. This lets ease a number of – if not all – sports pains and injuries. However, it is also true that the word Power yoga does not automatically compare to a full on exercise session. A lot of folks employ the term. However they are yet are mindful of the passionate internal power that comes with the practice. A lot of people come to Power Yoga carrying with them the impression that ‘good workout routines’ are what this practice is all about.

Oftentimes, such folks end up realizing that not only has a strong work session been accomplished but what is happening is that life changes start tiptoeing in. These changes, likewise, correct their perception of workout to work within. That is the magic of Power Yoga. Power Yoga teachers and instructors who recognise this fact, underscore their approach accordingly. They, subsequently, help enhance the Power Yoga experience for people whose early agenda was a strong, perspiring session. What more can you ask for?

Power Yoga Tips

If you are pregnant or suffer some ailment, then it is advisable to speak with your doctor before signing up for a class. You must also speak with your yoga instructor, if you have joined a class or planning to. The teacher at the class will be able to tell you which poses you should attempt and which ones to leave out.
It is believed that an early morning practice of Power yoga is supposed to be very beneficial for yoga students. Do speak with a yoga expert before you try it though.
It is advisable to wear comfortable and sweat absorbent clothes while practicing power yoga. Also, work with a yoga expert instead of learning the postures through a DVD or book.
Try to follow a series of exercises and concentrate on every posture.
Do not over exert while doing power yoga. Try to follow the slow and steady mantra when you start doing Power yoga.

Benefits of Power Yoga

There are several benefits of power yoga. Here are some.
It is known to flush out the toxins from the body through sweat.
Power yoga can heal problems like acidity.
Power yoga also helps people lose weight and get fit. It is known to increase the capacity of the body to burn calories.
This form of yoga is also known to deal with menstrual problems and hypertension.
Power yoga postures can make your body more flexible, increase strength and stamina.
It also strengthens the immune system and improves the blood circulation.
Power yoga workouts also improve a person’s concentration.


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