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Power Yoga combines the mental, the physical, and the spiritual aspects of yoga along with rigorous exercise in a great manner. It is a dynamic form of yoga, based on fitness. Its model is the Ashtanga yoga. Power yoga has become extremely popular recently and is available to all. Power yoga seems to have a similar look as aerobic workouts because of its brisk nature and high tempo. Here the poses are performed faster, maintaining a continuation. When practised under supervision, regularly, power yoga makes your body become stable, balanced, poised and toned. The good thing is that, anyone can practise it.

Warrior pose, the most practiced power yoga is also called Virbhadrasana. It is a great exercise for reducing weight. It tones your abs, arms and thighs. It also increases the capacity of your lungs. For this asana, stand straight upon the floor; spread the legs as far apart as you can. Turn the right leg and the left leg towards your right. Next, raise your arms over your head and then, stretch them. Then, join the palms of your hands together as in a prayer, look upwards and relax. Hold it for five breaths.

Power yoga

Safety measures of power yoga

To start with, beginners should never attempt to participate in a Power Yoga session, without first determining whether the instructor works with beginners, and can cater the class to an appropriate skill level. Because Power Yoga is supposed to be physically challenging, practitioners who are not strong enough or flexible enough for more advanced poses, like the inversions, should stick with simpler, more basic Yoga positions.

When considering the practice of a dynamic version of Yoga, it is important that practitioners, of all levels, achieve the correct alignment and proper technique, in each posture, to avoid injury within poses (asanas) and during transitions. If a practitioner chooses not to follow the step-by-step instructions for asanas, this can result in muscle strains or aggravation of old injuries, since correct form and proper alignment protect the joints and other vulnerable areas of the body from premature wear.

Those who suffer from, or are recovering from injuries, should also take care during a Power Yoga session. For example, a person who struggles with back pain must be extremely conscious of maintaining good technique during forward bend and back bending postures.

In line with the above precautions, practitioners should also refrain from pushing their bodies too hard and too fast in a Yoga session. It can take time to master Yogic techniques, and even though the goal of Power Yoga is a physical challenge, injuries most often occur when the individual is distracted or working at an inappropriate level for his or her fitness capability.

Back bending in power yoga


  1. I wonder if the man in this video has those muscles only from doing yoga I doubt it because to me yoga doesn’t build all that muscle in you, obviously it makes you stronger and some muscle building must ocur but not so big.

  2. Actually it depends on the kind of yoga you do. It can built large muscles.

  3. jasmineflwr says:

    Awesome sequence and flow can’t wait to try it! I love vinyasa.

  4. oASSAULTo says:

    yoga is not all about building muscle is reaching your body for better blood flow and better nutrient processing
    i do cross country and yoga helped me sooo much i made balance and literally had a heartbeat pace and furthermore is helped me with my lung capacity

  5. wallacerrrr says:

    No, you gotta work out too. One practice does not exclude another.

  6. Comparing his arm size to his abdominal strength you can *almost* guarantee he is lifting weights, all from yoga I would expect a tighter core and thinner arms.

  7. casaboaneopiana says:

    he’s hot ‘-‘

  8. casaboaneopiana says:

    i bet he does yoga 24/7

  9. Wow. He is hot!!! lol. OMG. Its very distracting and hard to concentrate lol cuz I’m thinking many naughty things. Looks like a very good set though 🙂

  10. violetempress says:

    A question: I’ve found balancing on either one foot causes pain for my arch. The pain lasts for a minute or so, and it halts me from following my yoga instructor as the class progresses. What is wrong with my balancing, and how can I correct it?

  11. synthesiasongs says:

    Cool video, although its not even near as this one i found, check it out!


  12. serhan734 says:

    pain is wa way your body tells you theres something wrong. in ur case u need to work on circulation on your feet. from massage to warm soak, to what ever. there is waste that you need to remove. let me know you you need more tips and hows it going.

  13. Why is this called “Backbending with Grace?” At least the first half (I’m just watching it now) is standing poses, although done very gracefully. Just got to the end-no backbends.

  14. solpaula8 says:

    .. this is only a small sequence from a longer video that you can see at myyogaonline if you pay a monthly fee..

  15. why is it that old people move like stiff robots, also when they train there whole life. Is there a exercise to avoid this?

  16. papageorgio123123 says:

    bagua circle walking

  17. by the age of 85 years everybody walks like stiff robots, some even younger. If BKS Iyengar and jack lalanne don’t move flexible anymore who else can do it?

  18. runallday400j50 says:

    what if my lower back hurts and i can never seem to find a comfortable position??? there is no one to teach me 🙁

  19. Thanks, look for Lu Zijian (born 1893) bagua, there is a vid from him here on youtube when he was 93 years old and moving like a cat. He still allive

  20. Hi mate, The pain in the back must be fought pain and you shall naturally be relieved of the lumbar ache. You may Achieve perfect position only after long practice of these positions.

    Best wishes.

  21. Where can I get a DVD on this?

  22. DrunkTrailerBabe says:

    I tried searching on Amazon tonight…..I had no luck…Hope someone can post a link….

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