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  1. hippoboannie says:

    Oooo I’m excited to start using your video! I took a dance class in high school and we had to do Pilates to warm up and I lost like 3 pant sizes. Unfortunately I didn’t have dance class the next year so I gained my weight back. Ive been wanting to start do them again, but could not remember any of the exercises. But this is the perfect video! Thank you!! 🙂

  2. homefromaway says:

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! This workout is EXCELLENT…actually better than the one at my snobby Pilates Studio, and I won’t have to drive 20min in the snow and cold to get there! (I can even do this in my jammies if I want to!) SO happy to have found this…can’t wait to try all the videos you’ve posted here…..oh and did I say thank you?? !!

  3. sparkpeople says:

    Thanks! Glad you like it!

  4. im definetly starting with pilates :)!
    how long until i have results?and how many times a day,or week should i do it?

  5. hairtaishuu75 says:

    06:30 is very hard one to do i guess. but in one side, i can do it perfectly, but on the other side it is just impossible. will it burn the belly fat? im doing this workout on the second time since last night. hope it helps. thanks

  6. petroniaskho says:

    that was excellent…i feel energized and strong after a long work week.

    i will visit again tomorrow!!

  7. StunnedByYourSmile says:

    omg me 2! i cant get rid of it! and i have just a little bit. My friends tell me its nothing but it is something! and i dont wanna have it!

  8. StunnedByYourSmile says:

    i knew that ive gottn outa shape. but im determined to lose some weight from this video. it seemed to work for many other people. and im going to trust them. but its so hard. i can’t do it! but i know that if i try doing it every day…. i will be able to. [: ty for inspiring me!

  9. ShowYourPerfecyButt says:

    quite every healthy workout followed by instructors is better than the best solo workout…go to that studio!

  10. sparkpeople says:

    Cardio burns belly fat–not toning exercises like these. Both are important!

  11. jen2sweet says:

    may be months…after 3 months of pilates, diet and gym i lost 17 pounds.

  12. barramayra86 says:

    keep it up wish you the best 🙂

  13. barramayra86 says:

    i love the way you breath in and out helps me to do it lol

  14. MrXLNatural says:

    If Cardio Burns belly fat not toning excercises, I’d say Swimming as well as this!

  15. ILeftMyHeartInTulsa says:

    This is great. I’ve been doing it everyday since I found it. I feel results. Thank you.

  16. hardrain08 says:

    Pilates seems like a good option for me, I’m going on a six week vacation so i have lots of time, my question is how many classes are safe to do concurrently (or day to day)

  17. CrestOfAbs says:

    very easy for me cos i have strong abs.

  18. CrispinFlora says:

    Whew!!!! what a great workout! — I finally completed one after 14 days of attempting to finish one complete session of this work out.

    Bless your heart, and thanks for the upload.

  19. shaunwhitecrazy says:

    This was an amazing workout I did it the first time yesterday and I still feel it when I move.can’t wait to do it again today!

  20. my neck killlleeed at 4:17

  21. sexcichocl8 says:

    WONDERFUL work out! I truly appreciate you posting this video. It gives me the best work out in a short time which is great for my schedule. Keep em coming. We appreciate you

  22. That was a reeeeally great video. Thank you so much!!

  23. Homicide9492 says:

    wow..this is something new. i like it. thanks for the upload

  24. porjesucristo says:

    i can’t believe im just half way through