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  1. I understand how an infinite sequence can have a limit, but I do not understand what it means for it be convergent. What is happening when the function is converging?

  2. amitbikrath4uk says:

    i just cant express in words how thankful i am

  3. MadhuraBhavaLA says:

    Namaha Master! Namaha from my very Being. Thank You doesn’t cover the gratitude and appreciation I feel for You!

  4. Its a gift to my soul the teachings that you nourish

  5. These discourses are like golden words for future generations. You should have good Mic for Swamiji. Sometimes when he moves away from Mike the words are not audible. Please use some top quality mic’s that can capture sounds clearly especially positioned standing right in front of swamiji so that it does not affect his body/limbs movement during the discourses and that which can capture his voice very effectively.


  6. sherrymajhtodigpia says:

    thanx swami ji 🙂

  7. EXChristian0 says:

    Thanks for posting this GREAT video! 🙂

  8. ZodiacSystem says:

    Thanks for sending me this video.

  9. 314159265352 says:

    Thank you so much swami ji. I feel so lucky to see and hear your discourses.

  10. Thank you,could you put all the discourses on line.Thanks,

  11. How do I ask Swami as question on this discourse?? If Nothing can be taken away from you for which you are worth it? Then why did my mum have to experience paralysis on one side after stroke?? Doesn’t that mean that health was taken away? How come she became not worth it? when she is a hard working lady serving people? I dont understand? And When Swami said that she will get healed. When?

  12. When Swami said that Nothing can be taken away from you for which you are worth it. Then how come my mum had stroke and half her body is paralysed? Does that mean she is not worth it of her health?? (she is also a kind, loving, hard working lady) She was a very hard working and generous lady. Then how come she lost her mobility?? And if Swami said she will be healed? when? she is still struggling with no help

  13. Dear kgana, I’m not able to answer your question,as I dont have that depth in understanding, but deep down I know swami is the guide for me.Life as such will have its package of ups and down,so, the knack would be accepting it gracelfully and moving on.

  14. There are often many reasons for things, most of it beyond our intellectual comprehension, such as the different kinds of karmas. However, regarding when your Mother will be healed according to Swamiji’s words, I can tell you from personal experience, what He says will happen – DOES happen. He also told me in the same direct way, that I WOULD be healed. It happened. In my case, it was not immediate, and did not occur in any way I could have guessed or predicted. But it DID happen.

  15. sherrymajhtodigpia says:

    i am watching this video.. 3rd time.. and every time.. i find some thing new in video… not only this ..even in every video of swami ji… a new click happen evry time.. its amazing…

  16. Hi,
    You know I was very happy to receive this comment and i passed it on to my mum last month..she was happy too and had faith. However she never got healed and didnt get any help and she just passed away so suddenly. very shocking and still digesting, i spoke to her on tht day..she was normal n eager to live n do things with me once well.. so not sure wht swami really meant when u used those words

  17. meant to say: “when swami used those words” rather than “u”

  18. kingbruceli says:

    people of the world:
    HE IS ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL DEMONS, WHICH HAS INCARNATED IN THIS WORLD! If you have doubts: Pray to God! He will show you the truth! Please don`t watch this kind of stuff here! It will bring negative energy into your home, just by watching it!
    Please take this serious! Be aware of Paramahansa Nithyananda!

  19. kingbruceli says:

    what he is preaching is hidden atheism AND WHO ELSE WOULD LIKE TO BE GOD, OTHER THAN SATAN? What you are seeing here is just the beautiful side of evil! Don`t be deluded!