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  1. Excellent Swamiji thank you : )

  2. NithyaPoojita says:

    Beloved Swamiji ,
    Few days ago I was looking in to every vehicle, car and shops . I was surprised because 99% had idols of different Gods and Deities . I had tears as I thought , wow , what a great country . But then again there is so much ignorance. Then I realized praying out of fear and greed and praying after being touched by the words of an Enlightened Master are two totally different experiences . Thank You so much for the right knowledge .

  3. Wow Swamiji, this is another powerful truth that we are so blessed to hear from You. 🙂


  4. imjoshiable says:

    Exhilarating!! Inspiring! My deep gratitude to you my beloved master.


  5. Dear Swamiji,
    Excellent!! Just what I wanted to know!!
    It is really like magic that everytime I listen to one of your talks I get the answer to what my heart was searching at that time!!
    We are really lucky that we have you swamiji.
    Jai Ho Swamiji!!
    Shobha Subramanian, Sharjah

  6. thankyou sri gurujji i hear and obey and will correct my ways
    in love and service……………

  7. prabhjotsingh09 says:

    there are some people on youtube who are making.. blogs on LIFEBLISS foundation.. and.. spreading fake and very wrong information on our master.. reply them back… show them flag… and new viewers dont trust these kinda fake blogs

  8. BobbyBerberyan says:

    May those people find their forgiveness from within.

  9. how to practice agama? What does it mean. Sitting and being with yourself? How to practice this?

  10. communitysquare1 says:

    Swamiji…thank-you for helping me with my requests …I am loving you more and more if that is possible…you obviously heard me and everything you said about calling you is true…even though you have so much going on still heard me…

  11. NithyaPoojita says:

    Beloved Swamiji ,
    Wishing You a very happy and brilliant Bhagavad Gita yatra in Pondicherry .

  12. masterisecstasy says:

    That was a deadly discourse, touching our hearts, i think we are already very much in the state of Agama, as we not only cant resist His teachings, but cant resist feeling and experiencing and living them too! So we are on track, Nithyanandam!

  13. masterisecstasy says:

    Awesome! as a friend quoted rightly, we were beggars with exchanging attitude[conditioned by the society], till you opened our eyes! But if i look in deeply, the period of darkeness just vanished, now it seems like You and only You have been existing from time immemorial!

  14. masterisecstasy says:

    You have opened a new dimension to the concept of God! No matter how much i try to thank you, there is yet a dissatisfaction to expressing my gratitude! Any word and every word and numerous words are only understatements! In these years of listening to your discourses, there has been liberation, liberation and liberation happening inside from all conditionings, engrams and karma’s and bondages…. Always indebted to You!

  15. nithyaarpanananda says:

    @bleek56 constantly listening to the Master’s words and feeling his presence and if possible being physically with master could is a way.

  16. 2 Peter 2 -1
    “But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying The Mightiest One that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. “

  17. masterisecstasy says:

    Pl analyse before one could leave a comment! None denies the mightiest one here. Even one who argues could be God if one is able to liberate people of their miseries! There is One Compassionate Divine energy termed God that manifests in all forms of matter and manifests in all the events of the Cosmos and none denies it but celebrates its Presence with such innocent joy!

  18. NithyanandaSevika says:

    According to me whatever swamiji says is the ultimate truth.

  19. OneLivingRhythm says:

    Everyone is already Liberated. Everyone is already Enlightened. The only reason we need the words of an “Enlightened Master” is because we refuse to listen to the truth in our own hearts.

    Instead we keep replaying the data that has been forced into our brains – by other brains who also do not listen to their own hearts. It is upon that data that we base our beliefs that we are not Liberated, we are not Enlightened.

    Remove the data and the truth will still be lying beneath it. Believe it.

  20. OneLivingRhythm says:

    After doing this, one does not need knowledge by senses, conclusions through cognition or the words of Enlightened Masters. You will have told yourself who and? what you are and you will have finally believed yourself.

    This is when the three levels of rumors about yourself-and-the Cosmos will cease. You will know yourself/All for who and what you really are: an Enlightened Person/Enlightened Cosmos – needing no teaching whatsoever – too…

  21. Well said ‘OnelivingRhythm”! All our social conditioning and engraved memories prevent us from seeing this simple truth.

    That’s why God takes the form of Enlightened masters and come down to our level to remind us of this Truth. He is just a mirror to reflect our own divinity.

  22. OneLivingRhythm says:

    When I followed the words of the Enlightened Master telling me to literally “Flee society; come out from among them, etc.”, (much as Buddha leaving every thing/one and sitting under the Bodhi Tree) something amazing happened. My family and I unplugged – from THEIR ENERGY in ALL it’s forms (even electrical/electronic) and my sons were cured of Autism, my daughter was cured of Learning Disabilities and I was cured of a severe Auto-Immune System failure. The Energy Fields are PHYSICALLY different!

  23. OneLivingRhythm says:

    (See Posts Below) Those Energy Fields, and the Electromagnetic Waves within them, form US. They are the stuff of which our atoms and everything else in our bodies are made. Wrong Knowledge = Interference Waves that “warp” the formation of our PHYSICAL Brains/Bodies. It “wires us” in dysfunctional ways. Leave that Energy Field (and all of ITS creations/inventions) and the “warping” stops. Our Waves begin forming us as we are still designed to BE: WHOLE in Brain/Body and BLISSFUL in our LIVES.