7 Yoga Poses (Asanas) for Better Digestive System in digesting food

Bloating, acid reflux, indigestion, heartburn, gas, etc. are side effects of indulging in a heavy meal loaded with calories. This also leads to constant tossing and turning in the bed owing to discomfort.

Healthy digestion is extremely important to keep away from a huge number of health problems most of us suffer from. Practising yoga asanas will help you ease an stomach upset and ensure healthy digestion.

How to Make Foods Easily Digestible with Yoga

Listed below are 7 best asanas that encourage healthy digestion to keep you fit and in happy state of mind always:

1. Vajrasana – The Diamond Yoga Pose

This is the only asana that you can practice soon after a meal in order for strengthening your digestion. Sitting in this pose and resting your body rests on your thighs will cut down blood supply to that specific region. This leads to healthy circulation levels to the head, heart, and stomach. Improved blood supply to the stomach will automatically enhance digestion. There are many other benefits of practising this asana including toning up of digestive system, relieving hyperacidity, and relief from constipation, intestinal gas, and other digestive system related issues during pregnancy. The asana also eases anxiety and stress and facilitates restoration and revitalization of body.

Vajrasana – The Diamond Yoga Pose

2. Setu Bhandasana – The Bridge Yoga Pose

This is a mild inversion pose that works towards improving blood circulation levels in the body. A rush in blood flow to the digestive system will help in enhancing overall power of the digestive system to thwarting its dysfunction. This pose will help in strengthening your back as well as easing sciatica. Performing this asana regularly will alleviate digestive troubles triggered by these conditions. Other benefits of these asana include relief from stress, tension, and anxiety levels. It also calms your body and mind, keeps track of digestive system, and stimulate digestive process.

Setu Bhandasana – The Bridge Yoga Pose

3. Padangusthasana – The Big Toe Yoga Pose

While performing this pose, you need to bend forward and touch your big toes. You may keep your knees bent slightly. All you need to is spread your feet at hip width and breathe normally while in the pose. This pose puts light pressure on the stomach. It also helps in releasing trapped air. There are several benefits of practising this asana such as relief from stress levels, enhanced blood circulation, boosts digestive power, and a lot more.

Padangusthasana – The Big Toe Pose

4. Parsvottanasana – The Intense Side Stretch Yoga Pose

The mild inversion pose makes you stretch out one of your legs and then rest your forehead on the knee of that specific leg. Soon the blood gushes to your heart, brain, and abdominal region. This results in easing all of your digestive troubles. The levels of blood circulation enhance and strengthens digestive system. This is also known to be a very relaxing pose. As soon as your stress levels go down, you are less vulnerable to digestion troubles. Other benefits of practising this asana include strengthening of your back and spine, relaxes neck and shoulders, and revitalizes your digestive system. It eases stress and anxiety levels and enhances overall digestive power. This asana is highly recommended for flatulence and acid reflux problems.

Parsvottanasana – The Intense Side Stretch yoga Pose

5. Bhujangasana – The Cobra Yoga Pose

This is a pose that provides you with a bouquet full of benefits. In addition, it is quite easy to practice the pose. It works towards enhancing the overall effectiveness and efficiency of digestive system via massaging the concerned organs and triggering an enhanced flow of blood to those organs. Additionally, you will get a chance to strengthen your back and shoulders. This pose is also highly recommended post pregnancy workout. Apart from improving digestive system, the asana will also provide relief from problems such as acidity, bloating, flatulence, indigestion, and constipation. It will also enhance appetite and beats stress and anxiety. This is a wonderful workout to tone your abs.

Bhujangasana – The Cobra yoga Pose

6. Balasana – The Child Yoga Pose

This is known to be a complete relaxation pose that provides one with nourishing benefits for the entire body. It helps you to relax and stretch yourself after a hectic day. It relieves stress and alleviates gastrointestinal disorders. Other benefits include enhanced circulation, calming mind and body, triggers the release of digestion aiding hormones, and improves flow of blood to stomach.

Balasana – The Child yoga Pose

7. Anuloma Viloma – The Alternate Breathing Yoga Exercise

This asana helps you to heal your breath. Anuloma viloma pranayama helps in fighting off free radicals, enhances supply of blood throughout the body, cleanses and tones nervous system, and combats digestion issues.

Anuloma Viloma – The Alternate Breathing yoga Exercise

The researchers found that yoga outperformed aerobic and other forms of exercise at improving balance, flexibility, strength, pain levels among seniors, menopausal symptoms, daily energy level, and social and occupation functioning, among other health parameters.

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If you are serious about your health and do not want to pay heavy medical bills to doctors then do practice these Yoga asanas (postures) and stay healthy.

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