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  1. Death Knight says:

    What are the effects that the flex of a hockey stick have on the Speed and Accuracy?

    ****** Compare the Difference of Speed and Accuracy of a 50 Flex to a 100 Flex*********

  2. q relajante q es esto.
    Lo veia a la mañana el año pasado no recuerdo que dia, no se si esta aun

  3. ricitos61 says:

    Es exelente y tiene buena duracion para empezar en casa. Es buenisimo para la mente cuerpo y espiritu

  4. maritza0210 says:

    ahora lo dan los sabados y domingos por la mañana.

  5. es bueno que lo vuelvan a dar todos los dias en la mañana

  6. noapaloma says:

    alguien sabe de donde puedo bajar todos los capitulos

  7. si yo los miraba tipo 6:30 en infinito pero ahora hay otra cosa..cuando lo dan??

  8. x3hsmx3cheerbabex3 says:

    thankyou i <3 this !

  9. faceman68 says:

    In this clip, I have admit that the blond haired woman is cute.

  10. gabitamaestrita says:

    por que no lo dan mas???? no puedo conseguir los dvd??? me encanta esta serie…es genial!!

  11. manofsteel33 says:

    I totally agree! She’s my fav!

  12. faceman68 says:

    No doubt, she is a cutie. Nice shape as well. There is another one, who works out with another group, is sexy herself.

  13. Exelente, me encanta, me hace sentir formidable.

  14. TaMeDcOoKiEmOnStEr says:

    it comes on the fit channel but i moved and got it tooken off
    so i resort to youtube to have my daily “me” time 🙂 ty

  15. Mattress79 says:

    this show is amazing. i bought the box set and recommend it to anyone wanting a good yoga workout. you get over 20 routines with different routines and various levels of difficulty. and it’s from Canada!!

  16. alelaserna says:

    I love this show… great yoga workouts. Challenging to the body, soothing for the mind!

  17. Octavia164 says:

    Namaste Ji…… Well done, thank you.

  18. Octavia164 says:

    Namaste Ji !!! Well done, thank you.

  19. This is a great show, I used to watch it on Citytv in Toronto at 6:30 am on weekend mornings. It is no longer on air. Woul love to see it again

  20. shakira6398 says:

    me gusta mucho esta clase donde puedo comprar el video