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  1. Fabulous julia, we are all watching in Cambridge England UK.

  2. JoghurtDrink says:

    Perfect. Need more 🙂

  3. thank you! I have a new 1 hour video coming out this month that will be downloadable for just $5!

  4. bcjmustard says:

    That was some great yoga!! Thanks!!! Keep making vids!!

  5. darksymphony says:

    Thank you! Great video, just what I was looking for.

  6. FuckingxxxPeachy says:

    thanks lady, now I’m awake enough to watch it again!

  7. theskyela says:

    Thanks, always shied away from yoga as too slow moving, but your video got me hooked!

  8. fukSTATUSQUEER says:

    id love to get you in that position at :41 and ram your ass from the back

  9. tjdaniell says:

    Yoga and Tai Chi are slow arts because they are both internal arts which deal with the strengthening and cleansing the subtle bodies. This video is just a quick warm-up exercise which can be also recommended before the practice of the above mentioned arts but not even anywhere close to the real one.

  10. AnimalCrossing54477 says:

    my name is julia the way how i relax my self is tea kown do i am 11 and i am still a white belt

  11. Thanks so much I’ve been doing this the past couple of mornings and I love it.

  12. glad you like the video! I have an hour long coming out in a week or so that will be downloadable too
    love julia

  13. Usagi2002 says:

    I’ve been wanting to start doing yoga for well-being and flexibility. But with work all day and Muy Thai kickboxing in the evenings, I’ve only been getting the 5 minutes of yoga at the end of kickboxing class! This is an awesome way to start the morning! And very do-able for someone relatively inflexible like myself. 🙂 Also, it’s super easy to follow with good camera angles, etc. I’m gonna check and see if you have the hour up yet. Thanks Julia!

  14. ClairvoyanceFdn says:

    Nice video. Thanks for sharing.

  15. castillotruth says:

    Thank you, Julia! I really liked the move that stretched out the front of my foot! Very helpful!

  16. dynastychick3 says:

    Wonderful morning sequence. Great descriptions of the poses. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Thanks! This was just what I needed to get my day going today while still being on time for work!

  18. dissturbia says:

    THnX SO MUCH!!!
    I wanted to exercise 2daii morning buh was alitle late so i found dis..n it helped..first time…gud gonna do dis everyday from now on!!!

  19. kimposible151516 says:

    lol my name is julia tindale hahahah

  20. ipodojunkie says:

    what type of yoga can i do to help me with my sex endurance i am a guy…is there such thing??

  21. The video skipped a little bit but this routine was fun and easy for a beginner like me. Thanks

  22. kimposible151516 says:

    Wow that weird my name is julia tindale, thats weird haha wow, i love yoga too

  23. chain1010 says:

    thank you so much for posting this video, just the routine I was looking for