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  1. iamshaman2000 says:


  2. connerburnham says:

    Excellent! Thank you very much. Om Guru Om.

  3. beckybeme says:

    Thank you for taking time to post this. Excellent. We are all truly Blessed by Guru!!!

  4. living1love says:

    Get the book “How to know God” to get all of his Patangali sutras. I just read it, and it really is amazing.

  5. nliten108 says:

    “How to Know God: The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali by Swami Prabhavananda, Christopher Isherwood, and Patanjali” is indeed a good book. An alternative is Mr. Davis’ new translation of the entire Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, with commentary, in his book “The Science of Self-Realization, A guide to Spiritual Practice in the Kriya Yoga Tradition”, available from his web site.

  6. Belle19700 says:

    The things he is talking about are real. I wish so much that all people could know this, and stop being afraid to try to be closer to the source by using the techniques. Faith is great, but knowing is better. Peace and joy to you.

  7. PlanetarPL says:

    Great lesson. Anyone know how old is he in this video? Thx.

  8. PlanetarPL says:

    Great and detailed explanation. Anyone know how old is he in this video? Thx.

  9. WAAAAW!!! Thank you!

  10. maryale045 says:

    traducir al español

  11. AzathothianBrew says:

    Marvelously summed up. I must check out this man’s books. Thanks for sharing. AUM

  12. marcusphotina says:

    So very good. I have found too, that first doing the meditation and then doing nothing brings the experiences. I have not goten very far though but i have begun hearing the first inner sound.

  13. wow what a 100% accurate account of what samadhi is, union with the streamy flow sounds, the names of ishwara. i can vouch for this he is telling the truth, the flow can be heard and felt, i hear it all the time whether in meditation or not.

  14. mrcuteblackie says:

    The Buddhist school of Kagyu has the same process: visualizations, breathing, and absorption (absorption means dissolving yourself and the visualizedation into your mind and disolving your mind itself and just be!). Good.

  15. I like this man and what he has to say

  16. KhenpoDarma says:

    Very important information. Thank you.Very nice meditation. May all beings be happy. From November 18th to the 23rd, 2009 Palden Dorje aka ram Bonjom of Nepal will be giving blessings in Gadhi Mai in order to protest the sacrificing of tens of thousands of animals before they take place on the 24th at the Gadhi Mai Festival near Nijgad in Bara District. Please participate in any way you can.

  17. jfisher928 says:

    Enjoyed sitting and listening to him at Unity Christ Church in Surfside Beach, South Carolina this past weekend.