India is the mother of spiritual practices, meditation, meditation retreats, and meditation technique. The first written book, Rig Veda, comes from India and it is all about the deepest spiritual practices. Most religions like Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism etc. had their birth in India. They are still flourishing here and have produced some of the greatest spiritual leaders in this country.

Meditation in India can be divided into four broad categories — depending upon the propensities of the practitioners, they can choose the path that is best suited to their needs:

a. Jnana Yoga: Path of Knowledge is most suitable for those who have a deep urge to understand before they can accept anything. They want clear rational and experiential proofs before having faith in any knowledge. The meditation practice in this discipline consists of Truth based mantras and analytical inquiry. The inquiry helps dig out all wrong notions and the mantras make one experience the true Self which is absolute awareness and bliss.

b. Bhakti Yoga: Path of devotion is suitable for those whose minds are more love and faith based. They would like to follow a meditation method that would help them develop in their love for God. The devotee believes more in surrendering that in understanding. He will first have faith and then this faith will take him to the sublime experience of the Truth. Surrender to the divine will and deep longing to meet God are the main traits of Bhakti Yoga.

c. Raja Yoga: Path of concentration and awareness is suitable for those who like to practice a witnessing attitude. The witness is free from desires and reactions. The practice is based on certain moral principles without following which, the witnessing cannot shine.

d. Karma Yoga: Path of selfless work helps in making the mind pure and stable and gives immense joy to the practitioner. One who is compassionate at heart and feels that the highest practice consists in helping the needy will be following this path.

For practicing Meditation in India, there are many retreats available in all parts of the country. Wherever you go, you can find true seekers and true masters who will help you find your path and walk on it. These places are called ashramas where seekers create a sort of a sangha and practice together.

Z Meditation Center is the abode of deep spiritual practice for thousands of sincere seekers from all over the globe. The path followed here is that of Jnana Yoga, the path of Knowledge in which Deep Deconditioning Inquiry is practiced alongwith Radiant Mantras in order to realize one’s true Self. The other three paths are used as complimentary aids that help deepen the practice.

Ajay and Suruchi, the founders of Z Meditation, are ever grateful to the Cosmos for giving them this opportunity to serve the suffering humanity through this most sublime and pure work. If you feel ready to let go of your false stories, they will be very happy to help you do the same. This work requires sincerity, objectivity and openness to growing.

Come forward and join this greatest inner revolution. You are going to find many hidden gems in your heart!

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