1. ThatBoyDarren says:

    Very True

  2. EverEndingStory says:

    I don’t know if this debate is over or not, but I’m gonna add my two cents by quoting Mos Def:

    There is so much more dimension to who we are. I ain’t mad at [Lil Wayne]. I’m not mad at [Soulja Boy]. I’m mad when that’s all I see. I would be mad if I looked up and all I saw on TV was me or Common or The Roots, because I know that ain’t the whole deal. The real joy is when you can kick it with everyone. That’s what hip-hop is all about.

  3. EarBudz123 says:

    yo @ everendingstory wheres that quote from?

  4. It’s from an interview for a book on Tupac, on the notions of Conscious Rap. Was many years ago, and I don’t know the name of the book.


  5. Flomaticc says:

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  6. HybridHalfie says:


    I send messages to the masses like Chocolate Rain

    I just read that book and that makes total sense

    A lotta times one cant understand Lupe unless your educated and actually READ something.

    Smart man’s hip hop

  7. these niggas sloer then sum dial-up i be on my boardband these niggas still downloading nobody fucking wit my man

  8. A row row marrow make it rain
    Not with bills, I make it change
    Take that cool shit, make it lame
    Take that nerd shit, make it bang
    Yeah, you heard us make it bang
    Yeah, you heard me make it bang
    Melt the change and make a ring
    Take that ring and make a bracelet
    Take that bracelet make a chain
    Look how far my necklace hang
    Connect that chain up to a crane
    Pull the game up by the brains
    Could not move it just with brains
    So I had to use some bling

  9. hiphopkushcopper says:

    @HybridHalfie explain that line. does it have anything to do with the names he mentioned above?

  10. TGKKiddKidd says:

    brace yourself teeth straight. i jumped out my seat when i heard dat!

  11. lol so right thats why he had thesong dumb it down cuz all people listen to now days is the beat the beat is jus an add on you can tell a good rapper if you can listen to him acapella

  12. Since86man says:

    birthday wordplay – piece of cake lol

    dammit i wanna see him when he comes to NZ – no homo

  13. HybridHalfie says:


    Yep your so right.

    Just like how Mos Def said that their is no problem with soulja boy and that type of hip hop music at all. the problem is if that is the ONLY type of music out nowadays. that is when hip hop starts dying. Its the beauty of having a variety of consciousness lyric type hip hop like pac, lupe, rakim, mos def, talib Kwali.

  14. HybridHalfie says:


    continue: snap music that has not much deep lyrical content but that not enough rappers are focusing on lyrics. The ones who do are not producing as much.

    Simply their has to be a balance of styles in hip hop and thats what it is missing these days…at least mainstream

    Underground everything is all good.

    I still consider Lupe very underground because everyone knows his albums which are decent.

    His true shit is right here in the mixtapes only dedicated fans know about

  15. savadiltok says:

    Just made my personal ring-tone 0:46-1:10 of this video on tube2tone{.)com

  16. RPIComedy says:

    I like how he dissed all those wack rappers in one fucking verse

  17. seattlesfinest891 says:

    I be on my Broadband, These niggas ain’t even got no lane (LAN-Local Area Network)…… Amazingly? genious always find something new everytime I listen to one of Lupe’s songs

  18. leelee459 says:

    King and I aint got no dreams..

  19. EarvGotti says:

    “Birthday wordplay, piece of cake” He just explained how easy it is to do wordplay while doing it

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