1. I am writting an English essay and i need to compare two things. I want to compare a best friend to an enemy. How are they similar?

  2. DJOuttaSight says:

    I love how he says:
    “Pull the game up by the brains,
    could not move them just with brains,
    so I had to use some bling”

    He’s saying that he’s trying to kill the rap game (by hanging it) and that he tried to use intelligent lyrics to do it but it didn’t work so he has to throw money/jewelery/etc. references in his music to make ppl listen.

  3. MrBrandnew991 says:

    Lupe Fiasco is def in my top 5 rappers

  4. ManUscripted87 says:

    @TheEmerald92 MURS really isn’t mainstream, and Jay Z sold out a LONG time ago.

  5. goodtimesagoogoo says:

    not the worst…???? YOU CRAZY THIS IS APE SHIT!!!!! LUPE KILED THIS!!!!

  6. cysince86 says:

    remove jay-z from that list.. add nas

  7. spaghettiqs says:

    its “he is like a black rap Zach Galifianakis”

  8. TheEmerald92 says:

    i understand why people would believe Jay Z sold out….he did….
    my mistake but his old work was alright right?

  9. I will say Drake to an extent but I feel more the Drake from Canada I mean he worked with Lil Brother before he hooked up with Wayne. He is thinking about leaving Cash Money because he is a power house by himself. Don’t forget Kayne he was influenced by Talib Mos and Tribe Called Quest. I mean his old stuff.

  10. WowzaBoyz says:

    nah it’s a complex verse. “baby boy with the glasses, tears like a….”. reference to lil wayne, who wears shades a lot and has those tear tattoos on his face. also a reference to the hangover, because that little kid wore glasses and zack galifinakis’s character was crying a lot. “yeah nigga i whacked it” is beacuse zack had to whack the baby off in the movie. all that meaning in one verse lol lupe’s a beast.

  11. TraumaCnter says:

    he’s didn’t sell out he really just changed the flow. if you really listen he never changed what he was rapping about. he just added some radio friendly songs. who doesnt?

  12. TraumaCnter says:

    no. he’s dissing everyone on that list by saying that that’s what they do. which is why he says “sneak that message to the masses you can call it chocolate rain” because every1 thought chocolate rain was a silly video but it really had deep meaning

  13. homecat2442 says:

    this is by far the best freestyle i ever heard..lupe killz this shit its not ever retarded …just listen to the lyrics

  14. TheMontiShow says:

    I like Wu-Tang too, but Raekwon can’t fuck with Lupe.

  15. TheMattandZackSHOW says:

    lupe kills it every time

  16. clueless301 says:

    My net worth is basketball, they net worth is soccer games”””””””””””””””””””””Lmaooo crazy shit… cuz in soccer it’s kinda hard to score even with the big net but in b-ball, they score like 100 points.

  17. clueless301 says:

    Haha… genius comment.

  18. deezydagreat87 says:

    this my nikka…”god is great/so aint no goats aint no gates

  19. crackwhen says:

    i think he meant he tried to revive hip hop with his brain aka lyrics but he couldn’t so he had to change his style to make ppl listen

  20. baseballstall1 says:

    tell me why lupe get on everyone elses beats and make them sound like his own hahahaha lupe > rap someone needs to tell this man that people are gonna start realizing how garbage radio shit is (cough GUCCI cough WEEZY cough EVERYONE ELSE ON THE RADIO)

  21. Yeah, Lupe hasn’t sold out, what are you talking about? If anything, he’s just dumbed down his lyrics. He used to drop bars with triple meanings, I think he’s just simplifying it now so more people understand what he’s trying to say quicker. Still putting out the same message, just in a more clear way. I hope his album isn’t too dumbed down though, I appreciated the heavy metaphors.

  22. 33jumpman says:

    Exactly. Mr. Noobly got it right. Anybody who thinks otherwise listen to Lupes old stuff

  23. Ororo Munroe make it rain…..SMH this guy here. I cant believe people say Lupe isnt dat dude

  24. vstamilodok says:

    just recorded a custom ring-tone from 0:15-0:32 on tube2 tone{.]com

  25. asduytasduyt says:

    @djBlaq Agreed.

    Though I must admit I had to look up who Ororo Munroe was.

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