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  1. I need to know whether doing Yoga for any amount of time is OK or is it a requirement to practice the Asanas until I sweat.

  2. And in what asana was it finally released?

  3. An AMAZING vid!
    Awesome back bends
    And beautiful execution!

  4. Hi Zura, Very nice video… Great respect to your yoga devotion, Best wishes

  5. anakrousis says:

    You have evolved unique style with your practice…a pleasure to watch.

    Namaste, brother.

  6. thanks everyone :)))))

  7. WBKAshtangaYoga says:

    great hatha thanks 4 in spiring, namaste W

  8. Totally beautiful !

  9. Beautiful in a sensual way!

  10. dancersrgreat says:

    Dancers have simular poses and meditation excercises… Great video…

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  12. beanstaIkjack says:

    My god! Hot! Looks bloody difficult. I need to give yoga a go

  13. geojorge1369 says:

    Beautifully fluid! Strength, balance and form, very inspirational!