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  1. Your videos are all excellent. Thank you!

  2. metalo1973 says:

    it´s a good way to start a day!

  3. lineofhope123 says:

    I like all your vedios

  4. Very nice, thanks a lot for the videos.

  5. kateam1975 says:

    thank you for this: )

  6. robspierre6 says:

    nice vid.

  7. jenjonyap says:

    Hi Esther is it possible for you to do a series of vids for beginners, Intermediate and advance stage?

  8. scianamblo1 says:

    in the cobra, can we ring our hands in closer to our body?
    i dont like having them further out, it doesnt do anything and cant bend back as far

  9. berenice761 says:

    Thank you for sharing !Esther you are so great !don’t stop !

  10. berenice761 says:

    Esther you the best ! great workout ! i have back problems ,you making me feel better ! Don’t stop…

  11. yogayogilover says:

    nice, thanx for posting…..

  12. TwinkleToe1992 says:

    hi esther like vids i was wondering if you could help as when doing yoga positions i manage well on my right side but find it difficult to do pisitions with left

  13. HI Twinkletoe, if the left side gives you more trouble, that’s the side you want to spend more time on, be patient and work with it. The goal is to balance both sides. with practice I promise you it’ll get easier..
    Enjoy and patience and diligence will be helpfull.

  14. TwinkleToe1992 says:

    Thankyou for your help

  15. TheLatitudes says:

    Esther, your a great Yoga Teacher, but.. Iengar isn´t Hatha, it´s necesari to wak one way (sorry, my english)