Well, if you want to learn yoga from an expert then Yoga Toes is the place for you. The expert in question is Amanda Giacomini who has more than a decade’s experience with yoga and is a qualified teacher. Along with her husband, Giacomini has formed Yoga Toes with the aim of conducting workshops and providing training to students interested in yoga.

Having traveled to India more than once, the couple has obtained yoga training from the leading teachers of yoga in India and they believe that gentle as well as intelligent adjustments to the art taught to them will help others to learn the practice of yoga more easily. As yoga is believed to have originated in India, they felt going to the roots for the training was the best course of action.

A Group of Three Accomplished Yoga Teachers

Another notable person associated with Yoga Toes, besides the Giacominis, is Wendy McLaughlin who also has many years of teaching experience of yoga. She can teach the physical, emotional as well as psychological aspects of yoga and is the person providing focus on Restorative Yoga which essentially is gentle poses that help to open the body and release tension as well as permit energy that heals the nervous and immune system.

At Yoga Toes, you will find that it is also possible to get personalized attention. This is especially useful for beginners who need to understand the basics before joining group classes. It is also useful for those that are injured, but who still wish to learn how to practice yoga in a safe manner. The costs to you would be around $75 for an hour and $100 for 90 minutes.

Beyond Asanas

At Yoga Toes, it is also possible to come together on a birthday, or to celebrate a wedding, or enjoy a family reunion for a reasonable fee. You can also bring your children to Yoga Toes for them to learn yoga as both the Giacominis are trained to teach yoga to kids. Besides learning yoga, you can get life coaching, massages; have acupuncture performed as well as avail of facial rejuvenation. It is kind of a spa where you can begin the session with meditation and exercise and then relax with a facial or massage.

And, if you want to learn different forms of yoga, then Yoga Toes will teach you ashtanga yoga, vinyasa yoga, gentle yoga, restorative yoga, and meditation as well as offer lessons in groups, or in private.

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