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  1. heavenly sword says:

    Someone told me there is a popular Christian preacher who has recently been condemning the practice of yoga.
    Does anyone know who he is?
    And what are your thoughts about this?

  2. dispenserPEZ says:

    WOW….what and ignorant close minded statement.

    I think its funny that people in this day and age are so uncultured. DEMONIC ? why ? because this is abnormal for YOUR religion ? Seriously, this guy is happy, and thats how he relaxes. who are you to say he’s bringing demons ? live and let live. im an athiest, but i believe that if something works for your happiness, and its not causing and harm, then more power to you.

  3. dispenserPEZ says:

    There is a huge problem with the christian faith, and its PLAGUED the west. If there has been any demons, devils, or evil spirits i thinks its vastly infected the christians ( including catholic, Protestant, and all the sub-chirst-esk religions ) People have become SO judgmental over things that are out of the box its disgusting.

    GROW AND EXPLORE. find out for yourself what makes you happy, dont let words from a book dictate what you’re supposed to feel.

  4. dispenserPEZ says:

    ….but whats the point… words are futile against the monotony of the Religious right in america…….our country is becoming more close minded by the sec and thats the saddest result of it all…..

  5. bakuboy00 says:

    0:55 until 0:59 he flippin looks like he is havin some kinda spaz attack!

  6. zerkersownyu says:

    Since, according to you, we aren’t supposed to let words from a book dictate our lives why should we listen to your words on Youtube?

    yes, I am a Christian

  7. PoniesandDaffodills says:

    OH MY GOSH I LOVE YOU. This guys just made my day. I swear, one day, I will do this for you, yoga man 🙂

  8. KennyandBrittgotzbak says:

    @zerkersownyu u have a point!

  9. ellebelle989 says:

    so funny, love him

  10. CescoPisicoli says:

    Now u can do full laughter!

  11. Joysquigglesparkles says:

    OMG did he just die??? asklhei;rhwehahisag ehp I was just getting into him!!

  12. chocolat80 says:

    he died about a year ago

  13. mastershake9801 says:

    LOL! This guy reminds me of the little Indian fellow on the movie “The Terminal” with Tom Hanks.

    “Do you have an appointment”

  14. 7PlanBSkater7 says:

    he sounds like one of those annoying rubber chickens that you squeeze xD

  15. kmjnhh123 says:

    yeh boi just saw this on rudetube

  16. if you like funny videos look up ANMSJM and click on the video with the pic of a afro on it it is also the first one rate and comment on the video

  17. Rebeldadams says:

    Dude, what the f-ck

  18. MichaelStenland says:

    Remember the old Scooby-Doo episodes, this is what the witch doctors always sound like!

  19. Nightbane420 says:

    i do feel better

  20. carlitosonly says:


  21. supersplidgerainbow says:

    he is my idol

  22. I want what he’s been smoking!

  23. admiralinc says:

    ?????, ?????? ?????? ????!