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  2. TheSunMystic says:

    When a Master is needed he will appear.
    Sometimes the master is within and this is especialy so when none can be found in your area, or if one cannot afford to have one.

    That is why one can say that nothing grow under the shadow of a tree.

    We are all the masters of our own destiny.

    If one meditates truthfully then the Master will appear to guide you as it has for me.



  3. naturalvillages says:

    We chose the greatness of he who breathes through breath, becomes past masters,bi locates as needed.He comes into spines givesclear direction.Masters make up many mountains, yet ONEHighestmountain on earth. Highest waters ofknowledge flowdown Patanjali sez: need the upgraded kundalini/burn off karmas of last 2,000 yearsWe cry in our hearts for highest master to come guide through this dark hour! LO:Highest Mountain in human Evolutionof Kundalini! King of Solar Dynasty.What more canone ask for?

  4. naturalvillages says:

    find a center and get the kriya of the lightengpath Of this Siddhanath and Babaji!!!, you will burn through this karma much much much faster…and expand BACK into joy you were shown at 16!!!!! IT WORKS VERY FAST AND VERY WELL for those with the right KARMA, like you!!!!

  5. naturalvillages says:

    and I learned form THIS enlightened master: it is all a play of light, there is no mountain! yet…if you are enlightened…you can also see through the mountain, a play of light, within that which matters most to your heart! A solid Mountain of LOVELOVELOVE the essence forming this mountain!

  6. TheSunMystic says:

    Evolutionof Kundalini! King of Solar Dynasty.What more can one ask for; You wrote.

    Nothing more.

    The sun has provided everything we need. The heat we get during Kudalini or Tumo Yoga does elevates ones Siddhis massively, or at least for some.

    The Multiverse is always and completely in tune with ourselves. We are the Masters of all co-creative realities in all dimensions at all time all the time. Imagine if people knew what we truly are. The laughing Buddha certainly knows that well.


  7. MahaVajra says:

    Buddha said, at many times that he had attained the perfected state of enlightenment. He was humble by saying so, because it was just the truth. Also, if people want to meet an enlightened master, how are they supposed to meet them if they never speak about it? An enlightened spiritual master is not ashamed of what he is, nor arrogant about it. As an extra note, i am an enlightened spiritual master, and i recognize Hamsa to be one too, and i do not mind writing this message. Compassion to all.

  8. Lenangreal says:

    so how is enlightement?

  9. MahaVajra says:

    If i could use words to explain, i would already have tried 🙂

  10. Lenangreal says:

    well.. this is the most correct answer 😛

  11. beilliatoy says:

    What is that beautiful music at the end of this film and where can I get hold of it?

  12. aaron343432 says:


  13. baltimark says:

    A master is here to burst your bubble. – There are no masters in America. … I like this guy!

  14. ryansmith152 says:

    there are masters in America-you just have to no where to look

  15. MahaVajra says:

    … that’s a point of view. Others have other points of view. I’ll trust the comment of an enlightened master about if we can tell about it or not.

  16. MahaVajra says:

    that’s a point of view. Maybe the world is not a shitty place, but you just percieve it this way, convinced everyone should think so. Drama is the cause of your suffering. Yes, there are problems and situations to resolve, and that’s part of the lessons of life. Faith is the key,… and there are a lot of enlightened masters out there, to help out, yet these masters are not saviors, and they won’t do the work in your place to purify your mind.

  17. manavbaby says:

    Sadhu ji, When Jesus or Buddha or Mohammed or Ram or Guru Nanak Dev were there on this planet, did everybody get enlightened or did all the sorrows disappeared? The answer is NO! Nobody can transfer their enlightenment to anybody. If that was the case then everybody would be enlightened by now. Coming to your point of “guru-disciple” argument, if you go to some village, you might come across a quack doctor. Would that make all doctors “quacks”?

  18. mygodiswithin says:

    Thank you. God bless.

  19. Omexoplex says:

    There is no “best”. Only what is before you…and what you take from “it”…”good” or “bad”

  20. daddylionn says:

    you commented without listening to the clip. that says alot about you already…

  21. themanyone says:

    I, too, am an ignorant, or try to be, so that there is room for more. Somehow when I got here I began to doubt that there is one past. I’ve never doubted that before. I see more than one past now. There is something here that made me aware of lies, either my own or somebody else’s. Well I guess they are ultimately my own anyway. I’ll have to sleep on that one though. Never considered that before, hmmm, more than one past. Interesting!

  22. georgelewisray says:

    Wonderful clear explanation differentiation between master/teacher and experience in the test.

  23. bruceleeC64 says:

    @HamsaYogi world famous teacher , of whom is this you speak?

  24. HamsaYogi says:

    No, no, no, what I am referring to is the website: hamsayoga(dot)com