Kriya Yoga: Conscious Living and Superconscious Meditation

10 Responses to Kriya Yoga: Conscious Living and Superconscious Meditation

  1. D3ZZY says:

    In middle school and freshman year I really didn’t care about what people though when I did things. I’m a junior now and since last year I’ve been really self conscious. I don’t really act out anymore, talk loud, do anything other than my work in class and be quiet. I have braces and I think that’s part of the problem, but I had them in middle school and didn’t have them but had bad teeth in ninth grade. What can I do to help me get over it and stop caring about what other people think?

  2. ariprrramaya says:

    Mr. Davis is clear and practical, as usual.

  3. aliensniffer says:

    Though I don’t follow any specific spiritual system exclusively, I find the writings of Roy Eugene Davis to be some of the clearest, timely and practical spiritual guidance available today. Not only does his advice help deepen any spiritual practice, it’s also advice that you can use in a real, down-to-earth kind of way.

  4. MaySouto says:

    Does the swan there represents Eugene Davis unconscious cold determination?
    Please reply me Mr Davis.

  5. nliten108 says:

    Mr. Davis’ guru was given the name Paramahansa” by his guru, Sri Yukteswar. Hansa: Literally “swan,” for the swan can separate milk from water, and the realized soul can perceive the Real behind the unreal and separate the consciousness of spirit from consciousness of matter. Hansa also means “I am [aham] He [sa]” in the sense of conscious identity with God.
    – from the Sanskrit dictionary.

  6. Aoxomoxoaxa says:

    This man is wonderful.

  7. dordze says:

    never seen this teacher, but feels very good!

  8. heroetu says:

    cool character.. Let’s meditate to awaken. I have !

  9. glr610 says:

    Nice Vid… 7:06 LOL

  10. fk80only says:

    eww lmao

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