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  1. The Beatles says:

    Ok, so, I want to study veterinary in Copenhagen and i saw that that the University of Copenhagen gives bachelor’s degrees for that, but the courses are taught only in Danish. I would like to study in English.
    Is there any other university in Copenhagen where I could get a bachelor’s degree, with the course in english?

  2. The Villain says:

    we are travelling from Malmo, Sweden to Copenhagen in Denmark, what is the best and cheapest way to travel? by train or by Bus? and Is it possible to book the tickets online?

  3. soccermaster1 says:

    I am going to Copenhagen as an exchange student for one semester and I am looking for accommodation. What are the best and most affordable districts to live for students? Do you know about any serious webpages where people offer apartments for rent? What are the normal contract conditions and what should I pay attention to? Thanks!

  4. I am here in Copenhagen for one more week. I want to bring some type of sweet or pastry home to my family. Anyone know where and what would be suitable for a check in suitcase that could make the trip back to the states? Also if you know the location to find it?

  5. sick_mick_101 says:

    For a beginner, how long time would it take to hitchhike from Paris to Copenhagen? Would it be possible to do it in less than 72 hours? I know some basic hitchhiking though I’ve never tried it

  6. Currently in Brussels and am trying to get to Copenhagen to visit a friend. I am a student and want to spend as little money as possible. Since ryanair does not fly to Copenhagen from brussels i was wondering if anyone knew the best way to get to copenhagen? i was thinking something along the lines of getting a train to cologne and flying there or something like that. Thanks!

  7. amazing! How do you get your leg on your back? I mean I can never get my leg past the back of my head really…

  8. reggaeyogagirl says:

    oh I wish I had her control and strength!

  9. sagedemos says:

    She forgot to do the lotus posture on the other side.

  10. She makes it look easy!

  11. DaliSerial says:

    Kino my #2, after BTM2C

  12. thatmoustache says:

    I love this video. It motivates me.
    Music by who? I know its listed, but I can’t read it.

  13. samanflexible says:

    perflect flexibility, i love this video!

  14. sweet…. JEHOSEPHAT, SHE’S GOOD.
    she got good balance O_O

  15. She is coming to where I practice (Yoga Underground). I can’t wait meet and see her! She is amazing!

  16. TheLamin8 says:

    Inspiring video …Im in awe =)

  17. lubelenge says:

    Awsome Kino! That’s all I can say.Love it…very inspiring. When yoga is truly practiced, at least most of the 6 limbs, that’s what happened, the body and the mind become one…the stiffness of the body is conquered. Keep it up!!!

  18. kouroslip says:

    my favourite teacher..

  19. TheJulia27 says:

    wow!!! bravo!!! amazing!!!

  20. currucaful says:

    muy bueno. me gustó muchísimo . grcias por recomendarmelo

  21. So much control and concentration. A joy to watch. thank you!

  22. Such power and grace! How inspiring!

  23. bodhitara says:

    She’s so sweet! Awe inspiring grace and poise- so humble at the end!

  24. peskysushi says:

    i think this yoga is worthy of a better production effort.

  25. marcelloGamaa says:

    god bless your practice.

  26. JASMINE011100 says:


  27. CClemens1978 says:

    Your flexibility is BEYOND amazing.

  28. papatooth1 says:

    super arm strenght,