Kapalabhati, the energizing breath – Yoga breathing exercise

20 Responses to Kapalabhati, the energizing breath – Yoga breathing exercise

  1. Hayden says:

    that means whether stomach is to be drawn forcefully so that the breath goes out or we have toanly exhale so that stomach goes in naturally.
    please giveme a clear solution

  2. religionLobotomy says:

    that was really great. thank you! x

  3. 7788675309 says:

    Thankyou so much

  4. RENREWREN says:


  5. d8te1 says:


  6. kakiti85 says:

    thanx a million. I will do this once everyday

  7. vinaybettamakki says:


  8. shl94 says:

    i like this.

  9. lalitha12680 says:


  10. wheretologin says:

    thats really nice, Thanks for sharing your lovely video with us .

  11. Danglang24 says:

    A phantastic movie. Thanks to Georgina und Sukadev.

  12. Escapecapitalism says:

    sometimes after i do this. My nasal stings. It seems to be from the faster inhales exhales. Am I just doing it too strongly? Or is this not the pranayama for me?

  13. YogaVidyaEnglish says:

    Best is you consult a Yoga teacher. In fact, there are a number of things you can do wrongly. A good Yoga Teacher can see this immediately and help you to practice properly. Of course, you can just do it more gently, so it will be enjoyable for you.
    All the best, may you enjoy your practice, Sukadev

  14. Escapecapitalism says:

    The internet is my Yoga teacher!

    The closest thing is a more experienced friend whom i could consult. Hopefully he can help!

    Much love.

  15. malatakiraly88 says:

    thank you! it was fantastic 🙂

  16. ahmednabil says:

    i want to add , and its very important , that the inhalation in this pranayam is passive so you exhale with explosiveness and power and while inhalling just relese tention to inhale dont suck in air

  17. tiktam51 says:

    very nice i my self do and like this kapal bhati exercise.

  18. tiktam51 says:

    do it easily exhale gently, in one second one stroke in yoga don’t force too much.

  19. Yipidee1970 says:

    Wow! Easily the best of the five videos on kapalbhati I’ve looked at. I’ll stop looking now. It’s the narration that is amazing… I really feel I’m in the room with you. Thank you to all involved.

  20. nripa1 says:

    really amazing ! very beatifully designed this video for beginners without compromising the orginal . I was exploring this sort for long time. I think i will not go any more exploration now.
    kindly keep updating us such easy and proper different type of yoga from your website. I have saved your url in my favourite

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