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  1. I am planning on getting an HDTV for my PS3, but the thing is, the 1080p TVs are way more money. Can you really tell a difference between 720p and 1080p?

  2. BodyMindPower says:

    Wonderful video, Duke! Have a wonderful week!
    Love, Anke

  3. bigbeninjax says:

    She needs to work for Cirque du Soleil. 😉

  4. CanadianBeaver says:

    Peace and Love!

  5. Duke:

    As you always do, you deliver with greatness. A very relaxing production here. Total elegance..this is beyond greatness. this is a once time event.
    Beautiful people , that obviously have great dedication…Duke..the sound track is
    most fitting..Thank you thank you.
    many many many starz****************
    god bless
    meriah.jasonn. [ i c o E

  6. Thanks so much!! It really means allot!! I sure hope all of you have a Wonderful Week!!! Duke

  7. Thanks!!! I needed that!! Duke

  8. What Ben! You can’t bend like that!! LoL Have a Great One!!

  9. Thanks allot Anke!! So glad you liked it!!

  10. Thanks for stopping by Dave!!!

  11. safeharbor7 says:

    You are a beautiful work of art Brandy, 5***** and more.

  12. Hey Daniel!! Great to see you!! Thanks for stopping by and have a Great Thanksgiving!!

  13. TexasHighDef says:

    Thanks allot Roy!!!

  14. TexasHighDef says:

    Thanks M!! Glad you liked it!! Have a Great Thanksgiving!!

  15. kel2corkeyOriginal says:

    Beautiful music with some amazing positions…Ouch i think i just put my back out…Lol, only joking.
    Beautiful video.

  16. wildwyckedknight says:

    Is like poetry in motion.
    Beautiful video!

  17. 2007minda says:

    Incredible and very beautiful

  18. TexasHighDef says:

    Thanks allot you Two!!!!

  19. 1straycat99 says:


  20. alabambelle says:

    Hi Duke,
    Wonderful video. Thanks So Much for sharing. I hope you have a Wonderful NEW YEARS! Wishing you the BEST for 2010! Take care and God Bless!
    Your friend,
    Sandra ;o)

  21. ShiekUrBooty says:

    now that I’m finding it harder to tie shoe laces and reach where I never gave it another thought…


    i so wanna back bend