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  1. iSNiPEjust says:

    leading to ur tits not heart

  2. erkin2003 says:

    check out @KaneDogg

    15 year old Sydney rapper 🙂 unsigned?

    Subscribe to him :))

  3. iSNiPEjust, shut up loser, pay attention to her exercise not her assets. that’s demeaning and disrespectful to a woman. You should always respect a woman’s intelligence and look for women with kind, caring and compassionate hearts, not rowdy skanky party girls with “big tits, a cute face and a nice ass”…you insensitive awful jerk!

  4. yuri60014 says:


    stfu, you sensitive little faggot, grow a dick.

  5. do another video but dont wear any pantys under neath in the next one it helps you be more flexible

  6. @yuri60014,
    shut up botch i wass fucking playing u dumfuck chill ur tits u asian CHICK with a name like yuri….fuck Japan!!!

  7. grundy4118 says:

    I would let her do yoga..on my cock!!!!!!!!

  8. daltiepoo says:

    her voice is annoying

  9. sunnyboy1314 says:

    @ grundy4118 ……..lmaoooooooo what a virgin

  10. kevpal888 says:

    i wana smell that fat pussy.. how does american pussy smell?

  11. ahm it was good but please maybe you should ware a pans more nice

  12. buttystella says:

    excellent infomatiom

  13. Phuckyooo says:

    ware a pans more nice? lol u sound like borat

  14. neworleans39 says:

    that tat has to go

  15. @TheReckonman
    Hey, please, go some where else with your dirty soul. You have a really bad karma. I feel sorry for you. Please try to find people like you, because here you are wrong. Here are people with good souls and an INTELLECTUAL niveau.

  16. Very nice tips.
    Thank you for posting.

  17. yuri60014 says:

    anyone squeeze their cock to this?