Importance of vitamins for sexual function

Vitamins like zinc and magnesium are important for sexual health. Zinc helps in the production of a sex hormone, testosterone in the body. It’s important to have 15mg of zinc to resolve problem of sexual desire and arousal, which can occurs due to the deficiency of zinc. Same is the case with magnesium.

Magnesium is important for testosterone production in the body. So, intake of 150 mg of magnesium is enough for the smooth sexual function. Vitamin C helps to regulate the blood flow in the body, as proper blood flow is very necessary for sexual arousal. One should take appropriate amount of Vitamin C in their food for sexual arousal. Vitamin A helps in the production of estrogens and testosterone and also regulates the sexual growth and development. Vitamin B is also important that plays its role in the production of energy and is also a most important nutrient for healthy functioning of nerves. Low levels of Vitamin B in the body mean lower level of libido.

Importance of exercise and yoga in sexual health

Exercise, yoga and aerobics are very important for maintaining a good health. By yoga, exercise and aerobics, blood circulation increases in the body and proves helpful for sexual arousal in women. Blood circulation is necessary for sexual arousal in body. Physical exercise increases the stamina of a person and subsequently enhances the sexual life.

Causes of female sexual dysfunction

Female sexual dysfunction can be caused due to the removal of ovaries or early surgical menopause in women. It can also be caused by psychological changes or excess stress. Women have no interest or very less interest in sex, as they start aging. When the level of testosterones decreases in the body, the sexual dysfunction problem arises.

Female sexual dysfunction or FSD can also be caused due to malnutrition. Fewer amounts of vitamins and minerals can result in the sexual dysfunction in women. Vitamin A, Vitamin B, vitamin C, and vitamin E should be taken in appropriate amounts for smooth sexual function. Minerals like zinc and magnesium should also be taken to enhance sexual function.

Treatment of female sexual dysfunction

Female sexual dysfunction can be treated with an Intrinsa patch, which is a skin patch used by women on their lower abdomen. It’s a prescription treatment for FSD, so a prior consultation with a doctor is necessary. The main ingredient in an Intrinsa patch is testosterone, which is also the sex hormone in women.

How to buy Intrinsa patches online

Intrinsa patches are available in any licensed online pharmacy. To buy Intrinsa patches, you need to obtain a valid prescription from a doctor. In an online process, you are required to fill in an online questionnaire that asks about various patients’ medical details and personal details. If the doctor who checks these details finds it finds it suitable, a prescription is issued in that patient’s favor. So, by obtaining a valid prescription online, a patient becomes eligible to get intrinsa patches online.

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