A woman’s menstrual cycle is both a sign of one’s complete womanhood and an indicator of the onset of various problems. Menstruation signifies complete womanhood because it is a testament to a woman’s ability to bear children and give life. However, menstruation is also a time when a woman experiences numerous unpleasant feelings that are both exacting and demanding to one’s tolerance. Some of these problems that women experience during menstruation are vaginal dryness, hot flashes, changes in one’s sexual desire, sleep disturbances, menstrual cramps, dysmenorrhea, palpitations, and even backaches.

The most common treatment that women use in combating difficulties experienced during menstruation is to take medications. However, it has been found through various researches that yoga is also beneficial in treating menstrual problems of all sorts. This is because yoga allows a person to make the body physically fit by enhancing one’s breathing and by helping one better control her mood. Moreover, doing yoga affords women a form of diversion should menstrual problems become too much for them to bear.

How Yoga Counters Menstrual Problems

1)Yoga teaches a person various breathing techniques. The goal of these breathing techniques is to find a breathing process that provides the greatest relief to the body. Such breathing techniques relax the body, which is helpful especially if one is under stress such as during menstruation.

2)Yoga promotes body flexibility. This flexibility is due to performing the various positions that form part of the yoga routine. With it the muscles become supple. Thus eliminating pain due to menstrual cramps and other causes.

3)Yoga provides a different approach to assessing one’s well-being. The exercise is a great way for women to realize the importance and significance of the menstrual stage including the problems they frequently experience. For one, yoga teaches women not to focus too much on the problem, rather it teaches them to learn to accept the inevitable changes in life.

4)Yoga, being a physical breathing exercise, promotes good blood circulation. As a result, one’s menstrual cycle will not be a problem anymore, thus minimizing pain.

How Often Should Yoga Be Done

Unlike other physical exercises, yoga is not too exacting on one’s health. One may do yoga as often as she wishes. However, the key factor to consider here is to perform yoga regularly. This will allow the body to reap the maximum benefits of yoga.

A woman may practice yoga by herself or in the company of friends. Either way, one must consider the place where yoga exercises will be held. It is important to do yoga in areas where there is sufficient fresh air or in places where one will not be easily disturbed. This makes yoga even more beneficial because it will allow one to relax easily, free from the disturbances from the outside. Likewise, one must make sure to be sitting on a comfortable mat to ensure better yoga performance and to achieve better results.

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