1. southpark98000 says:

    it was real funny when people in the studio where doing it lol

  2. I have an issue with the frown line, and really bugs me so I get botox…but after seeing these practical yet useful exercises, I’m going to try them after it wears off… so excited..
    BTW LOVE the funny faces!

  3. oatmealpizza4u says:

    the woman in white explaining it looks like shes had some work done…..false advertisement?

  4. miguel552003 says:

    both of them got botox done to thier faces????

  5. BeckyPantz says:

    This is SO stupid – my god! The Lion face … The blond lady has terrible makeup and it makes her look older!

    I h.a.t.e wrinkles – but this is just pathetic

  6. pianovocal says:

    thank you for this video. I would prefer exercise over botox.

    It is to bad that some people are not open to this knowledge. But their is no reason for these rude comments.

  7. Hmmm people may think that these techniques are stupid but I have been doing these techniques for about a week and it has shown great improvements within my skin. It has made my forehead solid, stretching out the wrinkles and improving overall texture and tone. I recommend this to anyone!!!!

  8. Neutralification says:

    How do you get forehead wrinkles? I always wondered why a lot people I knew had them, but I didn’t. What causes these lines? I’m asking out of curiosity.

  9. ohnoyoudidntx says:

    Repeated facial expressions lead to wrinkles over time. The forehead is particularly susceptible to wrinkles, due to the variety of muscle movements. When we are surprised, worried, upset, happy or mad, our foreheads move, and often wrinkles become apparent.

  10. Neutralification says:

    Thank you. 😀

  11. combandpaper says:

    Would the detractors think about what they’re saying? If this woman had had work done, and I’m guessing you’re thinking botox because she has such a lovely line free forehead, she wouldn’t be able to contract the muscles that she’s showing you how to exercise, would she??

  12. @oatmealpizza4u if she had botox done she wouldnt be able to do the frown and show her frown line…

  13. FilipinoChic95 says:

    the bloned girl is freakin me out!! her face is so tight and scary…

  14. pollarddesigns says:

    This is very clear to follow – I like it. Thanks

  15. LoLoLoLolita says:

    that woman is…


    and you can totally tell the host is creeped out

  16. onepluseipi says:

    Jack Lalanne already practiced that 50 years ago

  17. Lol, you can actually tell the yoga instructor has used botox, look underneath her eyes and then at every other place on her body lmao. I wouldn’t say it if it was just a little visible. But the eyes are the only place you can’t botox 😉

  18. The exercise for the frown line, isn’t that going to exagerate the frown lines, even though you stretch it out after? Has anybody done this exercise and seen positve results? I am always trying to avoid frowning and now I am being told to frown!

  19. liamfirefighter says:

    i have been doing this for two weeks now and i see a difference. i am 31 so i seriously look better than when i was 25. i have an intensified lighting and mirror so i see a difference just in two weeks. i do this every morning, takes about 20 minutes. i notice it in the passenger side mirror too with the daylight.

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