How to Control Snoring Sound With Yoga Exercises

Snoring is a common problem among people these days (both men and women!). This problem sometimes ruins personal relationships and overall health of an individual if left untreated. Hence, you need to address it without delay.

A number of solution options are available these days to help individual deal with snoring. Some of these include anti-snoring strips, surgery, pills etc. They are effective in curbing the problem to a significant extent. In case, you are looking for a more practical, natural, and 100 per cent effective solutions sans any side effects, yoga is the best choice.

How to Stop Sleep Grunting (Snoring) ?

Listed below are some fantastic Yoga exercises to cure the problem right away:

  1. Pranayama

This is a simple breathing exercise in yoga. It is also very easy to practise. Simply sit on a yoga mat and keep your back straight. Now start breathing deeply in a way that your lungs are completely filled with air. Hold on breath for a few seconds and exhale. Pranayama is very helpful in reducing body weight. It also helps with snoring.

  1. Brahmari Or Humming Bee Pose

This is also a type of pranayama. It can be referred to as a special pranayama that involves workout for different parts of your body such as belly, waistline, throat region etc. In order to practise this exercise, you simply need to hold your breath for some time and once you exhale, make a sound similar to that of a humming bee. The exercise helps with snoring via training your breath and helping you exercise strong control over it.

  1. Ujjayi Pranayama Or Hissing Pose

This exercise is also referred to as the Kapalbhati pose. Here, you need to breathe deeply through one nostril and hold your breath for some time. Thereafter, simply exhale forcefully through the other nostril. This will help you make a hissing noise which helps you clear your nostrils. This is also known to be the best yoga pose to help stop snoring.

How to Control Snores With Yoga Exercises

  1. Simha Garjanasana or Roaring Pose

Just as the name suggests, it gives you a look and feel like a roaring lion while performing the exercise. Simply put your palms flat on the ground right in between your legs (like a lion). Now cock your head backwards. Inhale deeply through your nose and then exhale from your mouth. During the exhaling process, you need to stick your tongue out in a way to roar like a lion. This tongue exercise will help you roar like a lion and stop snoring.

The above listed ones are special yoga exercises to stop snoring so that you can get a natural, side effect free, and effective solution for your problem:

Words of Wisdom

Did you know snoring intensifies with age? Sometimes, it is a result of weight gain. Health experts also feel that it may be a sign of underlying medical problems such as heart conditions or even a blocked nasal duct. It is crucial to find out the problem and solve it from the roots.

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