Hatha Yoga Class

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  1. Franklin Bluth says:

    I have been teaching for 3 years. I am certified through the yoga alliance to teach Hatha yoga. I am trying to find my niche here. I teach at a number of places & teach different classes to suit my students.

    I’ve dreamed of opening my own place, but should I just have a certain style ie: ashtanga or restorative, or keep it diverse? This area is hard to judge. Also is there a place to go to help instructors open there own place? I do get e-mails for the teachers through yogajournal.com

    What should my budget be?? Should I have a number of instructors, or just me & someone else? Should I have fitness classes to help with costs.

    Any suggestions would be great.

  2. rosecrd02 says:

    its good but go to fast

  3. adamthegirl says:

    Well yeah, this is definitely not a classical Hatha practice, but it’s a nice practice nonetheless. For people who are saying this is too fast, this is more of a vinyasa flow practice. There is nothing wrong with the pace, it’s just a different style.

  4. Lorettar says:

    I think she goes…fast TO DEMONSTRATE how to do it…! actually it was..okay! Namaste

  5. BlessedKweeny says:

    Dig it!

  6. leeleekay says:

    in the child’s pose, she takes deep breaths.

  7. ausiopal says:

    She’s sexy!

  8. marggiecienta says:

    nice but fast.. still good because its how this style flows!
    Nice work

  9. ramaditya001 says:

    She is good.I would like to do partner yoga with her.

  10. annjaaay says:

    love this!! yes!

  11. manitouanne says:

    this would be ok if a full class length

  12. flexeblesteel says:

    where’s the rest of the video? =)

  13. sophimarcus says:

    even i m a beginner but i don’t think its to fast

  14. happylongs says:

    i like this video. One of my favorites. thankyou.

  15. zhouming11 says:

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  16. qxq0o0 says:

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  17. fullystylishfiya says:


  18. puzzake says:

    this is way too fast to be relaxing

  19. 1234567890poiu says:


  20. shivasdancing says:

    Very good yoga class..short but effective. Thank You.

  21. SrebrenikParkour says:

    very informative.. many thanks

  22. JimmieBluffdweller says:

    I like the inclusion of Bala-asana between poses. When I was younger it seemed such a waste of time, but now I understand its value in refreshing and lending vitality to the practice. A very nice vinyasa here. Thanks!

  23. annagulgul says:

    bhujangasana dosn’t involve that pushup thing you did always.its just lifting it from the arms and not coming down1st.and apart from TiryakBhujangasana[sideways] there’s one PurnaBhujangasana that involves lifting the whole body upto the navel.
    Nice video but..the way the Westeners do yoga is So SO different from the yoga we do here in India!

  24. TheLatitudes says:

    Excelente video, se respetan los tiempos de Hatha y la secuencia es buena, Gracias

  25. COCEDOLO says:

    O ya quick action replay at 5:10 gotta nice air thrust going on there lol

  26. newnewly says:

    I’d certain slow things down, but she presents the basic routine in a timely manner…for the sake of this venue. I’ve watched it and will carry a new thing or two into my routine/s.

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