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  1. mohithorse says:

    All these actors work for money but ramdev works for people. These actors make people poor by stealing their money in the name of sick entertainment but ramdev gives life to crore of people by Yoga and Pranayam. but as I said It’s not your problem because your soul is american and your mind is slave of foreign culture.

  2. mohithorse says:

    First by knowing English doesn’t make you intelligent. A gutter cleaner in america speaks far better english then you. and if you love english so much then what you doing here in India. Go to america and worship their ass because they know far better english then you. and as far as AIDS is concerned then you dont worry because Intelligent people like Zagamedia won’t go to prostitutes like you.

  3. Was i talking to u, i dont think so. What i am doing here in India is none of ur business besides i love my country, u better go n lick Ramdev’s arse. And if ur so ashamed of speaking English urself write in Hindi or stop wearing western clothes u fucker. You just dont get AIDS from prostitutes an all, you cn get it from anyone who is infected. But you and Zagamedia are fatheads who wont get the whole concept. Go n read Biology u illiterate dickhead.

  4. Tell ur girlfriend to fuck around n hv sex with as many as guys she could then tell her to hv sex with u. You’ll get my point. LOSER!

  5. @mohithorse Yeah you can go n hv sex with as many as girls u could but they cant. People like you get girls pregnant. Just cos ur a guy doesnt give u the right to hv sex. People like you are the reason for insanity. FIEND.

  6. mohithorse says:

    I know biology, chemistry, physics more then you do. You are saying that you can get aids from anyone who is effected. This is possible in case of people like you who engage in sex with thousands of women. If you have only one partner then just go to hospital and do HIV test. Problem solved for the whole life but yes if you do sex with thousands of women then it’s not possible for you to do HIV test of all. And yes I do wear Indian cloth. I follow swadeshi as followed by ramdev and Gandhiji.

  7. mohithorse says:

    and just tell me the number of people effected with AIDS in India. you can count them on fingers. A large number of people even die from Diarrhoea(for example) in India every day as compared to total death from AIDS every year. but yet to sell condoms by MNC’s, they make this AIDS as if it’s a MAHAMAARI. As I said before, You are American by soul but Indian by body so you will not understand the concept of Swadeshi ever in your lifetime.

  8. mohithorse says:

    Now here you have answered your own question. You want a girl friend who have already fucked up with thousands of Boys. But I give you a simple answer to this problem. Just go to a Hospital and do HIV test of both of you and your girl friend and then you will be free from buying condoms entire life. But if you go to thousands of prostitutes every day then even GOD can’t save you.

  9. mohithorse says:

    And I am sure that in the next life, you will be given a birth of some animal like Dog who doesn’t know how many bitches he had fucked in the entire life. So I advice you to be A Human in this life but not like A dog.

  10. mohithorse says:

    Don’t worry. I follow the principles of Bhagwaan Ram who had only one wife Sita till death. And this concept applied to both women and men. If a husband and wife only share bed whole life then both of them are free from this AIDS forever.

  11. @mohithorse I am monogamous you loser and i dont hv a loose character like u. Yr comments show how much educated you are. You abuse these actresses while u masturbate to their videos secretly. And not every woman is a whore but u n ur cheap mentality. You are so daft!

  12. LOL i so know. Thank god we have some sane ppl over here 🙂

  13. mohithorse says:

    All these you do secretly. It’s your frustration thats coming out of your soul because you lost all the debate and like a barking dog, you are barking but I don’t care because a lot of people had barked a lot on swami ramdev and now they are the followers of this personality. But I again say that it’s not your problem because you are american by soul and indian by body.

  14. CutieLilIndianPrnzez says:

    LOL all he’s saying is dont wear a bra and panty! wear sexy not bikini’s :S

  15. kingkhan2 says:

    audience tho bahut kuch demand karenge.

  16. jahajboeing says:

    these bitches have no right to ask baba ramdev any questions.

  17. yourbaap2 says:

    for bitches parents…. ok send ur daughter to let fuck the people in with short dresses coz they r making efforts….

  18. girlcalledaish says:

    omg india has the 3rd highest numeber of HIV infected ppl with over 5 million and this gay is sayin no to comdoms

  19. girlcalledaish says:

    yeah nowdays
    every guy was born a man whore

  20. girlcalledaish says:

    wel u can help me by writing in english

  21. rongdestiny says:

    I totally agree with baba ramdev, I don’t have a blind faith in him or his sayings. But, I believe that baba ramdev has bigger dreams for india and its people. These are minor issue; there are bigger issues like poverty, safety of women, education, corruption that need our attention first. I would request all true indians who belive that india could be a better country; they all need to show their physical & financial support and be part of this dream of a new india.