1. ericmreitz says:

    i do not want to go to lessons… so maybe any websites or just tips that you know work?

  2. yosoyyyyyyyyyyfooooo says:

    I can’t do yoga in a center or in gym,
    Thanks for the video

  3. marlou64220 says:

    Ya yoga costs quite a lot in the area where I live, so I’m glad to be able to get a few tips to practice by myself… Thanks a lot, really!

  4. smonkinsky says:

    change the colour of your trousers. it looks like a legless person on a magic carpet.

  5. haha. i just did this! Thanks!

  6. germantana says:

    thanx you are a good teacher

  7. icpapalotle says:

    i like it 🙂 thnx

  8. xeverpinkx2 says:

    thx i was following along with you. Great help.

  9. 3unpeudetoi3 says:

    my body feels great!

  10. piratjuhs says:

    i love it! super gay and awesome!

  11. yuukigahoshi says:

    wow~ amazing lesson! thank you so much!

  12. leahlovesMrDarcy says:

    thanks for the lesson. very relaxing!

  13. solymosianita says:

    it was fantastic 🙂 thank you so much 🙂

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