As long as there are people trying to lose weight and get fit, there will be trends and fads that cater to them. However, the tried and true statement for anyone on New Years is, “I resolve to eat healthier and exercise more” and that remains the singular truth about losing weight. Just because the latest diet fads don’t work doesn’t mean there aren’t trends to dive into in order to lose weight. In fact, fad exercise can be a great way to lose weight provided you jump into it smart and with the proper foundation.

The foundation of all exercise is having the right nutrition in your body to promote lean muscle gain. During exercise your muscles will need protein to repair torn tissue and promote new muscle growth. The easiest and most fat free way to supply this protein is through a protein supplement. Whey protein shakes make a good choice for people trying to lose weight, because the whey protein is quick to absorb and easy to digest. Whey protein is also low-fat, which will help the muscles grow in a lean way, without added fat tissue.

Once you start with a proper foundation, jump into fad exercise and lose weight in a fun and trendy way. Here are some great fad exercise trends that can be great for burning fat and losing weight.

Pilates has become a very popular way for people to strengthen and develop core abdominal and torso muscles. The point of pilates is to provide a low-impact method of core strength and training. With a powerful core, other strength training is easier and safe, and developing core muscles by themselves promote better posture and health. The best part of pilates is that they promote development of core muscle tissue without having to do endless crunches, pushups and squats. Pilates groups exist almost everywhere, so join a pilates group and get fit in a social and trendy way.

Yoga is another way to strengthen and develop their core muscles without having to go through repetitive cycles of boring exercises. Like pilates, yoga emphasizes the core torso and postural muscles but it goes on step further. Yoga involves balance and strength training in the lower and upper body as well by moving fluidly from posture and posture and involving dynamic stretching. Yoga is a great way to tone muscles throughout the entire body as well as provide cool down stretching after more rigorous activity.

Another trendy way to stay fit is to start hooping. Hooping is when you use a fitness hula hoop to generate an aerobic and core exercise. A fitness hoop is weighted to provide more resistance throughout the body and promote an easier balanced motion. While it may sound childish, pick one up for 10 minutes and you’ll already feel the burn throughout your entire body. What could be a funner way to tone up and lose weight than to work out with the 1950s favorite fad?

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