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  1. MyDylan12 says:

    thts retarded

  2. HerrPorno says:

    1:37 wow she’s hot

  3. eatcrack says:

    That looks really corny!

  4. GreenDevilsAirsoft says:

    yo^^…and fu**** blind XD

  5. kryptoniterxn117 says:


  6. comedicstuff says:

    “You guys didn’t tell me Conan O’Brien works here!” lmao! Poor guy looked like a cross between Conan O’Brien and Justin Timberlake.

  7. 19seth91 says:

    he kinda looks like anthony kieddis from RHCP

  8. ascetonic says:

    @Chaturgha yes we must put an end to the thumbnails that lie

  9. cebarrett1997 says:

    @dylan this is very retarted

  10. dtv4848 says:

    1 star

  11. GirFan55 says:


  12. RFIGGZ says:

    Go to iTunes & search R-Figgz “The Eclectic Adventure” which is the number 1 selling Indie instrumentals album. Support the movement by downloading either the whole album or 1 track at a time.
    Be well one and all………….

  13. radicalevolutions says:

    this is not funny

  14. atreyuatreyuatreyu says:

    The guy at 1:18 looks like John Wright

  15. qwisp says:

    This is soooo unoriginal. This skit is worse than anything even Ben Stiller could have conceived. If I see another skit/movie/tv show/YouTube clip with a smarmy Will Farrell-type character I’m going to assume Seinfeld was our last great hope.

  16. 57ferreira says:


  17. athenalamarre says:

    I guess you have to actually do yoga to understand why this is funny. Meaning, I do yoga.

  18. richaround says:

    @57ferreira …stew-ped

  19. lostnkauai says:

    Truely SORRY I watched,Please don’t come to where I live. Mahalo

  20. atfatw says:

    what an ass! must be a rich kid relative of that old dude or the CEO
    look how selfish, childish, and self centered he is. according to yogajournal there is at least one of these jokers in every yoga class!

  21. AriiSaur10 says:

    “conan o brien”
    looks like justin timberlake

  22. bloodz4lyfe17 says:


  23. pussycat959 says:

    Wow!!!Great movie! 9/10 movie !!! want to watch for free ? Just go to w w w hddmoviesonline com3 *remove the 3*

  24. mu4eva10 says:

    i thought it was gonna be sexual! i am disappoint!

  25. timmothy1234 says:

    Mmmm not very good!!!

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