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  1. Basically the same:
    Can you give any names of the philosophers that had similar views (philosophy) to the Augustine of Hippo, but had different views?

  2. We seldom have the original manuscripts of historical documents. So how do we know that Augustine wrote Confessions? This is one of those questions you think a simple search will uncover the answer, but all I get is thousands of links to the text of the document or biographies of Augustine. What I want to know is how old is the most complete manuscript, why we think Augustine wrote it, how do we know it accurately reflects his thoughts and life. Could the writings attributed to Augustine be written by someone else and attributed to him to “sell books?”

  3. Torsten710 says:

    5 points for this nice and awesome demonstration

    in the tolasana pose …
    there is also an easy way to hold longer inside the lotus pose in the air..

    well the feet (wrist) behind the arms ..
    then its easier to hold the balance and the weight

    greetings Torsten