planets and their signs in astrology - Exalted And Debilitated Planets

Exalted planets are the cause of major misconceptions among the people practicing and interested in astrology. Most of the people interested in astrology and many astrologers believe that the meaning of an Exalted planet in a horoscope is that the planet is strongly positive for the native and is very likely to produce strong positive results regarding the general significances ruled by it, the house it occupies and the aspects it is casting on other planets and houses.

What are Exalted And Debilitated Planets ?

Let us consider simple example for explanation.

For example, an exalted Saturn in Libra is considered very good by many astrologers and it is believed that a person having Saturn placed in Libra in his horoscope is very likely going to be blessed by the good results of Saturn throughout his life. In the same way it is considered that an exalted Sun placed in Aries in a horoscope is a sure indication of very good results which may include securing good posts in government departments and administrative fields among other things. And similarly all the other planets in their signs of exaltation are considered to be strongly positive and they are associated with strong positive results. But this is just a misconception and the placement of a planet in its sign of exaltation in a horoscope does not imply that the planet is positive in nature. The placement of a planet in its sign of exaltation only indicates that the planet is very strong and the results produced by this planet are going to be very significant ones.

planets and their signs in astrology

Positive and Negativity of Planet

But those results may be significantly positive or significantly negative depending upon the nature of the exalted planet in a horoscope. For example an exalted and positive Saturn is capable of producing very strong positive results regarding the significances ruled by it, regarding the house it is placed in and the planets and houses it aspects, while on the other hand there is almost no planet in a horoscope which is as destructive as a negative and exalted Saturn. A negative Saturn placed in Libra can be destructive to extremely destructive and can destroy the significances of the houses and planets aspected by it altogether.

Exalted Planet Affecting your Life ?

I have personally witnessed many cases where Saturn is exalted and negative in the horoscope and the natives are suffering with great pains and difficulties in different field of their lives depending upon the placement of Saturn in different houses of the horoscope. And the most amazing and upsetting thing is that most of the people suffering heavily due to a negative exalted planet are finding the cause of their miseries and sufferings in some other planet because these people believe that an exalted planet simply means a very strongly positive planet and it is never supposed to cause any harm. And due to this misconception, they are not able to find the planet responsible for their sufferings for very long periods of their lives and sometimes people are not able to find it at all throughout their lives and they just keep guessing about which planet can be the cause of their sufferings and misfortunes. And sometime their misconception about an exalted planet in their horoscope is so strong that they are not willing to believe even an astrologer who tells them that an exalted planet in their horoscope is working negative and is the root cause of most of their problems. Such people refuse to believe the astrologer and look for some other astrologer who can find the cause of their problems with some other planet which is not exalted. And the easiest planets in a horoscope to blame for all the sufferings, misfortunes and problems are debilitated planets.

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How Debilitated Planets Change Your Life ?

And talking of debilitated planets again draws attention to one more misconception that prevails strongly among the people interested in astrology and some astrologers. It is generally believed by most of the people and many astrologers that a debilitated planet simply means a negative planet and can only cause problems and sufferings to the native having that debilitated planet in his horoscope. But this is again a misconception and a debilitated planet simply means that it lacks strength and accordingly it may not be able to protect the significances ruled by it in a proper way and so the results produced by such debilitated planet may not be significant ones. But whether those results will be positive or negative has nothing to do with the placement of the planet in its sign of debilitation. The positive or negative results produced by a debilitated planet usually lack the strength and significance which is needed to produce sufficient results. And that is why it is called debilitated or weak. But a debilitated planet can be malefic as well as benefic and it can be even the most benefic planet in a horoscope in spite of being in its sign of debilitation. Talking of which reminds me of one of my clients who is having a strong Dhan Yoga ( a yoga blessing the native with wealth) in his horoscope which is formed by the most benefic planet in his horoscope which can be considered worst by its sign of placement. This person is having his Venus placed in Virgo which is the sign of debilitation for Venus and to make the matter more interesting, Venus is placed in the 8th house in Virgo. How does that sound. A planet placed in the worst sign and the worst house in a horoscope but still making a strong Dhan Yoga. And this person was told by most of the astrologers he visited that Venus is the most malefic or negative planet in his horoscope and may cause him great problems at any time.

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Myths Busted on Debilitated Planets

This person is having a very beautiful wife, has lead a very luxurious life so far, has traveled at least half of the globe and has made great fortunes during the times when the influence of Venus was very strong. And in fact the most beautiful things of his life have all happened under the influence of Venus. These are all crystal clear indications that Venus is working very positively for this person in spite of being debilitated. But most of the astrologers he visited did not pay any attention to his practical life which was full of gifts given by Venus and Venus alone, and they kept on telling him that Venus is the most malefic planet in his horoscope and he must do remedies to reduce the malefic effect of Venus. This person was also warned by many astrologers that he should never wear the gemstone for Venus throughout his life, otherwise he may suffer serious consequences. Presently this person is my client for a long duration of time and is wearing a Diamond which was the first gemstone that I prescribed for him when he visited me for the very first time. At first this person hesitated in wearing a diamond and told me about many bad things said to him by many astrologers about the bad influence of Venus in his horoscope. But when I explained the strongly positive nature of Venus to him with the help of practical results given by Venus to this person throughout his life, he quickly understood that if all the significances ruled by Venus are producing positive results for him, then how can Venus be negative for him. He got himself a Diamond and wore it straight away to strengthen Venus in his horoscope so that he may benefit from Venus in a more pronounced way. And from the day he wore the diamond, the significances ruled by Venus have all become better and stronger with every passing day.

Not Functional Nature of Planets!

To summarize, it should be noted that the placement of a planet in its sign of exaltation or in its sign of debilitation is a measure of the strength of the planet, and it should never be mistaken for the functional nature of the planet. Even a debilitated planet can produce great yogas in a horoscope if it is positive in nature while on the other hand an exalted but negative planet can do three times more damage than an average planet.


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