Yoga postures and positions all these activities greatly reduce down the fat of areas that further need to be most worked upon. These yoga asanas may although include forward bends, backward bends, and then twisting of hips. Therefore some following yogic asanas are when regularly performed so that they bring about the reduction in stomach size and as well as fat:

* Sun Salutation or Surya Namskara this is the most basic popular technique for obesity management. This comprises around a series of 12 different postures practiced in a sequence so. This vastly improves the oxygen supply to the body. Thus further helping in the strengthening the internal muscles and also the toning of muscles.
* Pranayama measure to greatly enhance the vital energy or the life force in your body.
* Kapalbhatiin the toning up of the tummy muscles since it increase the respiration rate thus causing the burning of fats and toxins that have accumulated further into the body and that to be to be dissolved. Apply pressures on stomach inwards to breathe out that all the air inside your stomach. Now relax and bring back the muscles to the normal position. Then again apply pressure on the stomach so to clear out the air.
* Anulom Vilomis also a breathing exercise suited for whole of the body right along with the stomach.
* Sukhasana or the Butterfly is really useful to provide strengthening to the spine lengthening of leg muscles making them strong as well as vastly providing them with the strength to bear on the weight of the whole body.
* Also there are few various asanas which were when performed they bring about the reduction of accumulated fat while enacting on the specific areas that are though very prone to accumulation of fat. As Mandukasana, Marktasana, pawan mukutasana, makrasana, Bhujangasana etc.

Home remedies for Overweight:

1. Green Tea: In order to loose your body fat start drinking green tea right instead of drinking your regular tea. You can although drink green tea at least two to three times in a day. Green tea is much more highly effective in reducing weight fast as a result it helps the digestive tract to digest the food fast.

2. Lemon water: Start your morning with having one glass of warm lemon water. For preparing the lemon water just take one glass of drinkable warm water and then add limejuice in it and add some honey for taste. You should drink this with an empty stomach or else the results will take long time to be visible. This is one of the very effective home remedies for overweight.

3. Diet: There is no need to skip any part of the meals. Instead just modify your meals. Instead of eating three bigger meals have five to six small meals. For three months just have vegetable soup for dinner and see how fast you loose your body weight.

4. Papaya: You can also eat only papaya for your dinner rather than further having vegetable soups for three months. You will loose the weight without loosing the glow on your face.

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