1. LikeATrooper777 says:

    perfect for morning yoga

  2. dontiburn says:

    cool music and photo

  3. LikeATrooper777 says:

    if u play a song twice does it count for another view ?

  4. MartinLoronzo says:

    not to me, but I believe it’s individually.

  5. todayisyesterday says:

    i love to do yoga in the morning

  6. TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    Gay new-age trash

  7. tw1stedgrudge says:

    It certainly wasn’t gay new age trash when you typed it in and searched for it, came to this video and listened to it, you fucking ridiculous cranberry-head.

  8. listen to the music and calm down lol

  9. transpardel says:

    demasiado bueno saludos desde venezuela

  10. MaryKicko87 says:

    sapevii che sono aperte le iscrizioni per la nuova scuola di cinema e recitazione
    a Cinecittà: EUTHECA !?!?!??!
    L’unica scuola GRATIS, con recitazione bilingue,
    alto livello degli insegnanti e interscambio culturale.
    cerca EUTHECA o contattami…è bellissima la scuolaaaa….non vedo l’ora di cominciare!
    ti aspettoooooooooo
    bacini bacini bacini

  11. thats truely beautiful

  12. Yoga has actually been around for thousands and thousands of years. It predates written history.

    Perhaps, it is wise to do some background research on the topic one is criticizing, lest one sounds like a narrow-minded idiot.

  13. TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    Thanks for that startling revelation, Einstein, but the music used is new-age garbage

  14. …whenever I classify a piece/type of music as ‘garbage,’ I refrain from listening to it altogether — let alone searching and commenting about it online.

    Not only is it a better use of time, but it makes the internet experience more enjoyable for all.

    Just a thought.

  15. TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    Whereas I think the diversity of differing opinions is what keeps sites like youtube interesting, and it would be bland without it.

    If you don’t like my opinion, tough shit.

  16. a) YouTube is not a community forum. People come here to watch videos based on their preference.

    b) I was simply pointing out several facts. Had this been my personal issue over your ‘opinion,’ I would have called you something along the lines of what the other commenter did. The ‘cranberry head’ one.
    I didn’t go down that route. So save your defenses for someone else.

  17. MsChocolatefreak says:

    thank you so much for putting this on youtube
    i just started yoga and i feel so well when i listen to this music

  18. adityakrishna008 says:

    Bring back vedic dharma of mother india through Yoga….world will be one family……aum

  19. FUTHX1138 says:

    You’re showing signs of an upset human.

    I used to leave shitty comments as well but then I learned to due without and now I’m a better person then i used to be.

    You have the power to do the same.

    It’s within… peace

  20. fridaysabtu says:

    Watch my video. Stunning, strong and deep images. Thanks!

  21. speediespeedie says:

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