How to Warm Up Sessions for Yoga

Most people don’t know that a warm up session is important before yoga in order to ensure desired results. So from now on, you need to include a warm up session before doing yoga asanas.

Use these sequences of simple stretches to warm up prior to any of the yoga pose sequences and exercise.

Important Warm Up Sessions for Yoga

Here are some quick yoga warm up exercises to start off your yoga session with (along with textual explanation you can try out poses given in images for quicker warmup sessions:

Yoga Back Warm up

Step 1: Stand with your feet together.

Step 2: Keep your hands on the lower back.

Step 3: Circle your tailbone clockwise for 15 rotations and then counter-clockwise for another 15 rotations. Breathe deeply and regularly all the while. Relax your belly, jaw, and eyes. This will warm up your lower back.

must done Warm Up Sessions for Yoga 2

Yoga Hip Warm up

Step 1: Stand with legs apart (hip wide).

Step 2: Keep feet parallel and toes pointing forward.

Step 3: Place your hands on the outside of the hip socket.

Step 4: Keep fingers pointing down.

Step 5: Rotate in an oval 15 times clockwise and 15 times counter-clockwise. This will warm up the hips.

Important Warm Up Sessions for Yoga 2

Yoga Knees and Ankles Warm up

Step 1: Stand with your feet together.

Step 2: Bend the knees.

Step 3: Place your hands on the knee caps with fingers pointing down.

Step 4: Keep the back extended and the arms straight.

Step 5: Circle the knees clockwise 6 times and counter-clockwise 6 times.

Yoga Body Warm up

Step 1: Stand with your feet together.

Step 2: Stretch your arms overhead.

Step 3: Interlock your fingers.

Step 4: Turn the palms to the sky.

Step 5: Press your palms upward and fix the feet firmly downward.

Step 6: Stretch to the right and hold it for a few moments.

Step 7: Inhaling, coming back to the center and repeat to the left.

Important Warm Up Sessions for Yoga

Yoga Warm up for Gathering Energy

Step 1: Stand with feet the shoulders width apart, toes pointed forward and knees slightly bent.

Step 2: Keep arms relaxed at the sides.

Step 3: Keep your belly relaxed.

Step 4: Inhale and raise your arms out to the side, keeping palms up, shoulder height and then above the head in a large circle.

Step 5: Straighten your legs while in this motion.

Step 6: Exhale and bring your arms down in front of the body, palms down, to the area right below the navel.

Step 7: Keep knees bend as you make this motion.

Step 8: Repeat this exercise 5 times.

Step 9: Breathe deeply and fully.

Important Warm Up Sessions for Yoga 1

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