1. davethecaveman says:

    he should snap out of it,get to a ballgame,go downtown and swing his dick around….what a waste.

  2. exclamation3mark says:

    Englishman get out! Famous last words!

  3. Maybe the Antichrist? Who knows?

  4. buaddha wasn’t buddhist
    he was born hindu as a prince in a royal family
    later he founded the religion buddhism
    be proud of that

  5. vacationboyvideos says:

    enlightment if u try to optain it, u are acting threw ego. if u dont care to obtain it, then u dont deserve it. and yeat EVERYONE is already enlightend. just BE

  6. Not really. He go without the basic needs in life so he’s basicly got dis down packed

  7. BuddhaBoyVideos says:

    @ClarkieDude k

  8. The very first line is incorrect, it says, “Nepal…the birthplace of Buddhism”. Ideally it shold have been, “Nepal…the birthplace of Prince Siddharta”. Prince Siddharta attained enlightenment in India and hence the birthplace of Buddhism is India.

  9. BuddhaBoyVideos says:

    @badzaa True, but some people think that the birth of Siddartha signifies the birth of Buddhism, so in that sense they might be able to say that Nepal is the birthplace of Buddhism.

  10. someone secretly brings him McDonalds at night

  11. demanding2bfree says:

    truth is not to be found on television . little dudes just chillen, let him do his thang.

  12. CypressHillsMembrane says:

    This is why I am Buddhist. This is the spirit and mindset of which every buddhist and myself believe in. He is pure buddhist in its highest form.

  13. BuddhaBoyVideos says:

    Why are you Buddhist?

  14. dear ktakt99, in those time Nepal was called “Kiratdesa”. The term “Nepal” only starts from 4th century BC.
    During the Buddha period, there were many tribes ruling the various region. Shakya tribe(whom Buddha was born into) was ruling the Kapilavastu region.
    During the Gupta Empire, many tribes were were rounded up and Sanskritize to form One Nation–>Bharat(India), with One language Hindi.
    But Kiratdesa(Nepal) has always been a sovereign nation. Plz do research before writing nonsense.

  15. CypressHillsMembrane says:

    So many reasons lol. The main ones would be that buddhism is one of the only religions which doesnt fight wars and use religion as an excuse. It also serves the real purpose of religion.That is to provide guidance and inlightenment to those who seek it.

  16. WinterHaven says:

    I don’t know if “Buddha Boy” is the second Buddha, but I DO know for a fact he’s a very kind, gentle person.

  17. Reincarnation of Buddha? If you become Buddha then you’re no longer attached to the cycle of birth and death so you wouldn’t be reborn.

  18. TarSands403 says:

    Buddha never taught reincarnation, Buddha taught rebirth. He never taught that once you die you come back as another.

    In fact its in direct opposition with buddhas teachings. Buddha taught of impermanence and flux. Thus if nothing lasts how can you be reincarnated?
    Even if then, how can you die and come back as another? How can you be another and still be what you are? What part remains if you were to come back as another?

  19. the human can’t do this at all!

    someone has to be bringing him food at night?
    under the tree?

  20. monilove5 says:

    could you explain this rebirth? i really want to know more about the religion.

  21. jumpstartkira says:

    well its my religion so if he is following buddhas steps then i respect him whether or not he has food or water, hes with buddha

  22. @wearytm
    well they monitored him for 60 hrs and he had no food, spirtually/meditation wise he’s so advanced he’s able to restrict hunger emotions, that why his teachers says he did extra homework, and the tree is a symbol of a spirit, i.e every leaf has an emotion and the roots connects you with the rest of the world. hope that eases some of your question.

  23. C’ mon pepole, We don’t respect Buddha for his longest mediation than anyone or because he can survive without food or water for months. We do respect Buddha for his wisdom, his mind, his compassion, and his teaching of which benefited us all for thousand years.

    My point is, whether this boy is real or not, it really doesn’t matter. If all that he can do is just sitting there, doing nothing fruitful beside meditation, then he certainly wont get my respect, and he shouldn’t get yours too.

  24. setfreejr says:


    Well you don’t but buddhists do respect him for that. It’s about overcoming the forms of suffering that the mind imposes on man, that’s including hunger and thirst. Siddhartha buddha, never said he would return, but people claim he is the reincarnation of A buddha, not THE buddha(the founder of the religion).

    My point is, he reached enlightenment the same way this kid did, and if you don’t understand even that, then no one cares about your respect.

  25. @setfreejr

    oh dear, you really dont know about me and buddhism, and I wasn’t asked you to respect me about that either, but, seriously, I think you ‘ve completely missed my point, and also Buddhism’s.

    If you ‘re going to worship the boy for his ability to overcome physical suffering or his ‘divine power’ from meditation, then it is your business, but you really shouldn’t have said that Buddhists admired Buddha the way you’ve said. I, for one, really don’t.

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