Wellness is a two fold objective that has to be achieved by mental and physical relaxation. Mental and physical fitness is necessary and interdependent. One can feel physically relaxed but stress and depression can cause fatigue. A new trend and a new lifestyle evolved lately with this discovery. Yoga may be the solution to physical and spiritual relaxation. This new trend has seized many places including Puerto Vallarta. Zen and a variety of other meditation organizations are becoming more and more popular lately. With the busy lives most of us are spending, we advise that meditation should become a daily activity to remain healthy. You can visit Taheima which is located in Nuevo Vallarta. It is a project of Latin America, and the first Wellness Condo. Coaching programs and center models have been devised for the members of this club.

Beta Sigma Phi’s “One Great Photo Contest” is now open for everyone. Many tourists and even residents keeps searching for the right T- shirt that features the beauty of Bucerias and other beautiful places in Puerto Vallarta. You have a chance to make classic T- shirts that people would be interested in buying. Earlier this year Beta Sigma Phi sold T- shirts at many events, which became very popular and there was a huge demand for it. The winning work will be displayed and kept for sale next season at Beta Sigma Phi’s booth at Bucerias Art Walk. Each person can submit only 3 pieces, preferable electronic submissions. The deadline for the contest is July 31st, 2009. The winner will receive a T- shirt. There is plenty of time to unleash the artistic abilities and prove your capabilities.

El Arrayan continues to be Puerto Vallarta’s favorite restaurant and has proved itself by achieving the AAA3 Diamond award. If you still haven’t visited Puerto Vallarta’s most popular restaurant El Arrayan, then its time for you to make a visit to this fun and friendly restaurant so that you may know what the hype is all about. The restaurant has become even more passionate about doing well as they are thrilled to receive this recognition.

Did you know about Las Alamandas? It is a luxury boutique hotel and of one the most private resorts in Mexico. This place offers the best romantic getaway on the Pacific Coast. It is located between Puerto Vallarta and Mazanillo. Guests here are treated with the highest standards of hospitality. The beachfront is exclusively for the guests and the hotel is situated over an area of 1,500 acres of tropical beach. This sanctuary has a total number of six villas and can accommodate 30 guests. The accommodations here are reserved for $1,800 per night. World’s elitist travelers and celebrities prefer staying at this secluded beach. Now the hotel has announced that this paradise will be open to residents of Puerto Vallarta as well, at a very low rate of $370 per night. This offer remains open till August, 2009. So plan your luxury getaway at a reasonable rate as soon as possible and contact the hotel for reservations.

For more information on rental properties in Puerto Vallarta, also abbreviated as PV, contact Pvrpv dot com at the following numbers. Their Mexican office number is 322.222.0638. If you are calling from the USA or Canada you can call on their local Vonage number 206.388.3703. Pvrpv dot com has been successfully servicing the tourists & local community for the past four years. They have a very well-informed and pleasant staff that knows about leasing properties in Puerto Vallarta.

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