Dharma & Greg S01E06 Yoga and Boo Boo Clip1

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  1. The Villain says:

    I’m using Windows Movie Maker for my coursework and I need some help:
    I cut down some video clips I’m using to the exact bits I wanted and then saved them but when I re-open Movie Maker they have gone back to the full length original! How do I stop this happening?

  2. bz0pakuri says:


  3. marineninga says:

    what he does gym! he should be more flexible than that!

  4. FanpireGoddess says:

    Poor Greg…lol…

  5. lilpopprincess7 says:

    omg at 0:28 thats the woman who is the voice of lisa on the simpsons! lol
    i love this show 🙂 gres is so beautiful!

  6. Nolli86 says:

    ” Your mother is on the phone. You wanna talk to her now or after you’re done saving Metropolis? ” hahaha Marlene’s so funny

  7. MissLioness8 says:

    poor kitty…

  8. alg11297 says:

    no wonder this show was cancelled

  9. johnbrunton229 says:

    It’s funny how Greg thinks doing yoga is easy, but he realizes it isn’t. It’s like that for everyone too. Yoga takes discipline and strong coordination. I can’t exercise since I don’t have the stamina and coordination.

    I have to admit I find yoga to be appealing. I should try it one day.

    It’s funny how Pete can be do it. He does not strike me as a guy that exercises.

    One thing about Pete is I love his dry humor.

    Funny scene was Kitty crying when she eavedrop in doing yoga.

  10. johnbrunton229 says:

    I found Marlene to be annoying. With that voice, anyone would be miserable. No wonder why Lisa Simpson is like that too.

  11. Jason8710 says:

    Hey, alg11297. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Also, why did it take you six episodes to realise it.

  12. iraqilynn says:

    I LOVE KITTY!! shes my favorite!

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