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  1. Torsten710 says:

    thx for this practice
    5 points of me
    hope you could answer
    or watch

  2. I really love this one.. Feel so good in my shoulder.. Thank you

  3. I cant find day 3.
    By the way, your videos are amazing!!

  4. NolitaxFairytale says:

    seriously, thank you.

  5. Your teachings have been helping alot. Thanks so much. namaste.

  6. i am so glad to hear that:) namaste

  7. oh wow this helped alot,like i really needed someone to crack my back,but i did it myself by just doing this. 😀

  8. vidadiva24 says:

    as a dancer, i find this really helpful to relieve soreness/injury. many thanks!

  9. thanks dashama for all the help,

    Coal SC

  10. You make such wonderful videos. Thank you.

  11. 420peacelily says:

    This was great! I have been trying to get into eagle for about three weeks now! Finally got it and it feels SO good! Thank you! Namaste

  12. MarsimikLa says:

    I don’t understand why we have to twist the leg when doing the eagle thing – it does nothing for me.

  13. dzdncnfzd3 says:

    that is the pose. its like doing a triangle pose and not doing a lunge. u know? its for creating stability and allowing you to balance. dont leave it out if its easy just hold it longer and focus on your breath.

  14. It’s supposed to open your hips, but I prefer another variation I will be including in the 2010 yoga challenge.. stay tuned 🙂

  15. Yogatussie says:

    I find hese execises are extremely helpful.

  16. MsEmohater16 says:

    thanks for posting this ,., its really helpful,.,its my 4th day now ,., thanks:-)