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  1. Stevalicious says:

    I have batman arkham city for xbox 360, and I have alternate costumes for each of my playable characters. 2 for batman, 2 for catwoman, and 1 for robin[I live in America]. I did not see how to switch costumes in challenge maps. I know you can automatically use the alternates in challenge maps, but to use them in story, you have to beat story. And I know robin isn’t playable in story.

  2. DAGONLINUX says:

    LOL thanks giving? this video is a little late…

  3. implorapace says:

    This is great Dashama! You move with such grace, it is really inspiering! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and light!

  4. This is great just what I needed to get me going during these cold NY days.
    Informative and inspirational!!

  5. 360azimuth says:

    Good core workout. Thanks for the longer session. Always look forward to new videos from you.

  6. mrsfloppyears27 says:

    Dashama, I love watching your videos! You always seem so radiant and filled with light! I wish i knew you in person! Thank you for your hard work and for sharing with us all.

  7. This video just made it….I am buying your dvd’s right now!!

  8. StarFlower99654 says:

    You make yoga look so easy! I voted for you in Raws Best for athlete, you almost made it. It dont matter youre number one in my book! Thanks Dashama

  9. shvadas2012 says:

    Namast’e Dashama,
    Great job you are doing. 🙂
    Thank you
    Got myself one of thoughs Gymnasic balls
    wow !!! what a help it is in getting them back bends up there 🙂
    Thank you again
    Love ya

  10. thedongers13 says:

    0_o 4:58 my boxers came down………

  11. Srinivasen says:

    Namaste … lovely demo of Surya Namaskar.