Couples Yoga Partner Yoga to Ignite Romance

Partner Yoga or Yoga for Couples is a unique physical and spiritual practice which combines techniques and exercises from yoga and massage. Union is the essence of yoga. Joining in postures and stretches while supporting each other, enhances awareness and brings new depth to one’s relationship. The practice takes you to a place where you can take a retreat from your normal self. Couples feel the child-like joy that comes from being centered on play.

Partner Yoga focuses the mind and increases strength, stamina and flexibility which are done in the spirit of nurturing and play. Being able to focus on our partner and allowing our partner to focus on us, is is a gift which we rarely give ourselves. The practice builds trust, communication and intimacy.

Yoga for couples is a fun adventure into intimacy, play and relaxation. The poses are simply a doorway for couples to step deeper into their connection. When you stretch with your partner, your bodies melt each others tension and tightness. Whether your relationship is new or old, partner yoga can potentially renew your connection with your self and your significant other.

Partner Yoga is a great way to learn surrender, build trust, and deepen intimacy. If you have never done partner yoga before, it is both meaningful and fun, and people say that they feel more open-hearted and alive afterwards. Remind yourself that this is Yoga Practice, not Yoga Perfect. To find a class suitable for your fitness and body type, make sure to ask the teacher before-hand if previous yoga experience is required and if the poses are physically challenging. If you are a beginner, you should aim to take a class that has gentle poses that are not done in a heated or hot room.

Some poses challenge your balance, strength and flexibility, others require your total trust and surrender. Each exercise and breathing technique uses the power of the partner dynamic to achieve more than one person could alone. From creative exercise to profound spiritual work, Partner Yoga delivers a diverse range of benefits to a wide array of people.

This well rounded practice requires no special equipment and can be done in any open space (the living room, gym, or park). There are various levels of partner yoga and other more advanced forms are called Acro-Yoga, (Acrobatic Yoga). This practice is best suited to those that are more advanced in their yoga practice and is best done with a spotter since many of the poses are more acrobatic and adventurous in nature. They also challenge balance and strength.

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