1. I commented one of your last videos and i also enjoyed this one im glad i found it for my AB work. I need flat stomach. Well Flater for modeling so i hope these will really help me out.

  2. mospotski says:

    Yo man i just checked your age today 41! if your telling tha truth im completly amazed i thought you were in mid 20’s even your voice is young.

  3. AnmolMehtaCom says:

    Yup am 41. 20s, hard to remember that far back :-).


  4. townboy28m says:

    thank u thanks a lot for uploading this video

  5. BreakDanceNotHearts4 says:


    If You Do Not Do This You Can Damage Your Lower Back.
    No Point Having Perfect Abs If You’ve Knackered Your Back

  6. metalwaveRX says:

    for the popcorn one do u have to be able to make ur body jump ? and also is there more ab yoga exccersises?

  7. PinkWineir13 says:

    put sum socks on ……LMAO

  8. xicanasern says:

    thanks for sharing your knowledge and making it accessible to us for free. i appreciate that.

  9. HIGHandFLYandRYE says:

    the first 2 i only feel it in my upper legs, am i doing it wrong?

  10. invadermae says:

    These are good excercises 🙂 at my circus camp we learned that pop up excercise and it’s very effective

  11. systmofadown676 says:

    This is such a fantastic exercise!
    Thank you 😀

  12. AndreaMNarciso says:

    three simple exercises….and very affective!

  13. Thanks you made yoga accessible to me. I never knew where to start from. Once again Thank you

  14. gunjanmalhotra says:

    these exercises do look easy.. but they actually arent… bof increases your bodys rate of metabolism and it makes you sweat like hell…. you are simply awesome anmol…. bhagwaan tumhara bhala karay(may god bless you)

  15. Very nice. I did the first leg circles exercise and the yoga popcorn, and my lower abs are depleted. I will incorporate these into my martial arts workouts.

  16. yanarinne says:

    thank you very very very very much

  17. this is really good. I like the fact you take safety seriously and protect the back. thank you so much for detailed explanation. thanks

  18. watchWorld100 says:

    hey thanks!!! God bless u too!

  19. God bless you sirr !!!! Its working great !!!

  20. this looks like an excellent exercise although i am curious about the correct breathing technique for this. how should one breathe when doing this?

  21. Man you are hot.. you should come back..this time shirtless..haha..jk

  22. KarineRibbens says:

    Thank you!!
    Which video is the spinal warm up?
    What is it called?

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