Chanting the Chakras –

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  1. chimbilae says:


  2. chimbilae says:

    you have this in mp3?

  3. BluStar2112 says:

    so … can i get this in mp3???

  4. DivineLight58 says:

    I find that using digital changes the natural sounds so tapes are better.

  5. Th2EyA0rEa1MoN2gUs says:

    what is a tape

    just kidding

  6. prabhalocana says:


  7. Raphael2Dragonfly says:

    This song is called “Elements into Light” by Layne Redmond from the cd “Chanting the Chakras, Roots of Awakening”. I love this and it is one of my favorite cds, for sure. Thanks.

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