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  1. stealspartansbcglobalnet says:

    Hi! I’m recovering from a femur fracture, so I would like to know if there are any alternatives to the following exercises which can be done using only my bodyweight –

    Romanian Deadlifts
    Ab Rollouts
    Incline Bench Press
    Hang Cleans
    Shoulder Press
    Tricep Extensions
    Barbell Curls
    Power Cleans
    Snatch Grip Deadlifts
    One Legged Squats
    Glute Ham Raise
    Close Grip Bench Press
    Incline Dumbbell Press
    Seated Row Machine
    Dumbbell Curls

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Should I do my running early in the morning, bodyweight in the afternoon, and swimming in the evening?

    Should I do them shortly after the other?

    I’m conditioning myself to be a Navy SEAL.

  3. nice workouts…. im gonna try them and i’ll let u know my results…

  4. naughty8princess says:

    These exercises are AMAZING.. honestly the third one is kindda hard cuz the ball keeps moving but like you said it’s a challange =D thx for aploading this video .. looking forward to recieving more of your great emails , cheers =D

  5. Scratchnsnif says:

    I like this a lot! Worked out with you and this is definitely a lower body add on for me! The Knee Ups are humbling past the second set for sure! Thanks

  6. The knee ups are the same excercise that we did in USMC boot camp for punishment. We called them monkey f**kers.(honestly) We did them very fast for a long period of time and it was painful. One guy was seriously hurt while doing them. Believe me slow is the way to go while doing them, just as shown here. But they do work. Great vid I will subcribe and add some of your excercises to what I am doing now.

  7. shinnynickle says:

    hehe chicken legs!! xD

  8. I did these /w/ U Joey & boy, I felt my lower body working hard. I’ m going to have to keep doing these . Your the best Joey, Thanks for sharing these.

  9. HomeFitnessTV says:

    Thx LM – Spread the word!! please….


  10. Scratchnsnif says:

    Still on these! Think I’ll be getting your video now for the full series. Don’t get me wrong ~ these four still kick my butt, but I will admit, in very nice way! Thanks so much Joey!

  11. HomeFitnessTV says:

    You are welcome LM.
    — Joey

  12. HomeFitnessTV says:

    You’re welcome Scratch – Keep me posted 🙂
    — Joey

  13. are these exercises good for jumping to ??? (vertical leap ) sorry for bad english 😀

  14. madagascar0303 says:

    so…for someone who has chicken legs and really skinny ankles..would this make them bigger?? like your size?

  15. HomeFitnessTV says:

    yes – and google this: ‘athletic legs for men’

  16. HomeFitnessTV says:

    yes – and google this: ‘athletic legs for men’

    — Joey

  17. david3087 says:

    Hey, I’ve trained for a whole year at a gym, and my upper body is big but my legs are small, so I wonder if these excercises with no weight are going to do what other excercises with a lot of weight couldn’t do, thanx

  18. HomeFitnessTV says:

    You pretty much answered your own question. Genetics is one of the factors…. Just dont break your back trying to increase your weights just to build up your legs a little – Life is too short to be obsessed like that.


  19. david3087 says:

    You are right, thanx so much and even so I’ll put in practice what i’ve learnt in your videos which is so much fun than other excercises.

  20. Wildhouse07 says:

    Was looking for some Videos to get me back in shape before I re-enlist, and defintly found them. As you say if it is to easy, then do more.

  21. crystalroy says:

    i need a kikass body man im 13 and im still growing now im 1:75 m tall and i wanna get even taller but if i workout i wont so can u give me a way to lose leg fat (also same for my butt XD) and belly workout im not fat but iused to be really skinny and now im getting reallyfat specially on the legs so plzzz help me man comment back or pm me to tell me how to lose my leg fat my ass fat and my belly fat so i can be skinny again plz man do so before its too late and u see me fatter than an elephant

  22. working out with heavy weights won’t make you stop growing. This is a myth. Just also do cardio and stretch.
    In fact, heavy weight training increases testosterone and human growth hormone, making you taller and more masculine.
    Also, muscles burn more calories, also reducing your body fat.

    In sum: Go to a gym, get a trainer to make you a schedule and start working out with heavy weights.
    If your gym does not allow that under 16, just do medium weights until you are 16.
    Good luck!

  23. crystalroy says:

    thank u but i kinda was talking bout my legs and butt lol u have any tip with that?