1. sophiasaurus says:

    Love this video. My doc recommended easy yoga for my back because i had a spine surgery about 3 years ago. this was very easy, not hard at all and made me really relaxed

  2. April4love says:

    i think it’s a little bit fast…

  3. sjcandjjp says:

    awesome..felt great!!

  4. kaska2716 says:

    that was amazing!


  5. That was cool. Just right for a quick stretch. I feel really good after that 🙂

  6. StarStarStario says:

    am i supposed to be out of breath 3/4 of the way through?? i can barely get through calf and cow! and i’m embarrassed to say i struggled through this yesterday and today i’m kinda sore. i was hoping that this would relax me.

  7. Hello, I appreciate your comment and your efforts with this video. This video may not be the one you want to start out with. Try the video I have on Youtube for Healthy Back or Healthy Immune System. They are a better introduction to Yoga…and more relaxing. Best wishes to a Healthy New Year!

  8. Too much editing, some of the speech got cut off, giving it a very choppy feeling for someone trying to follow instructions without staring at the screen.

  9. Yes, you are right. This was the very first video we produced… and I tried to edit a 30 minute video (or DVD) into 10 minute yoga sequence. Wish I could redo this 10 minute clip for you…but it seems to get quite a few hits as is. Please check my other Yoga video clips which are a bit smoother. Thanks for watching and for your comments. Namaste~ Vicki

  10. minihearts123 says:

    It was really great! i feel so relaxed! great job! favorite!! lol

  11. Hi Vicki

    This video is so lovely for breathing. Do you recommend stretches for increasing flexibility. I practise Jujitsu and kickboxing and would like to gain some stretches from your program. Any short clips on youtube.

  12. Hi Vicky

    Awesome video. Could you please suggest some stretches for improving flexibility in martial arts. I practise kickboxing and jujitsu.

  13. Awesome video. Vicky could you please make a video suggesting some stretches for martial artists in improving flexibility and breathing. I practise kickboxing and jujitsu.

  14. For stretching the shoulders try Eagle pose… Also Down dog is great for stretching both the back and the hips.
    Namaste~ Vicki

  15. almann1979 says:

    very good – thanks for putting this together. i think ill use it to loosen up my old joints 🙂

  16. peacemaster010048 says:

    thank you for the upload! :]

  17. Your welcome! Namaste~Vicki

  18. Hello, Konanhal – Stretching the hamstrings, hips and glutes like “Pigeon Pose” or “Nose to Knee” would be perfect for gaining flexibility. The last video upload will show you how to do modified Pigeon pose on your back. Namaste~ Vicki

  19. 1998vsocci says:

    this is a perfect exersie for releasing stress thank you for putting this on youtube !!!

  20. babeegurl1o7 says:

    wow i never did yoga before this was my first time and i though you did a really great job instructing i felt good after i did it you helped! and your voice was relaxing also lol!

  21. this video is amazing & a wonderful start to get me into yoga!

  22. It is great that you are starting a Yoga practice… Yoga has the power to make positive changes to your mind, body and spirit. Namaste~ Vicki

  23. jonno69098887776766 says:

    nice waves

  24. RashmiTari says:

    This was really great Ms Forman. Keep up the good work.

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